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NBA Geeboy Biography: Age, Net Worth, On Gaad, Songs, Wikipedia, Pictures, Instagram

NBA Geeboy Biography: Age, Net Worth, On Gaad, Songs, Wikipedia, Pictures, Instagram...

Balogun Joshua (born 4 March 2002) known professionally NBA Geeboy is an upcoming Nigerian-American rapper and songwriter. He is a social media star who has millions of dollars in assets. He resides in Atlanta and leads a luxurious lifestyle in the city. Since his rise to fame, he has been posting a lot of videos where he showcases his wealth to the world....

Early Life 

NBA Geeboy was born in the city of Lagos to Nigerian parents. He spent his early years in Nigeria before his family emigrated to the United States. His year of birth is 2002. NBA stands for Never Broke Again. This is Geeboy‘s personal maxim. Since he was a little boy, he aspired to become very rich and successful. It has always been his dream to have enough money to buy anything his heart desires. 



NBA Geeboy completed his elementary and middle school education in the United States. •  Want Your Biography On TheCityCeleb? Click To Chat Us On WhatsApp!! He is a high school dropout and is yet to complete his studies. Career NBA Geeboy is a very controversial figure on social media. This is because of the way he flaunts his wealth on Instagram. He mostly posts pictures and videos where he holds bundles of dollar notes. In some of his videos he rubs the money over his body, imitating taking his bath. While in some instances, he spreads the money on the ground. 

NBA Geeboy is a jewelry lover and always wears gold, silver and diamond chains, rings and wristwatches. His favorite jewelry company is Johnny Dang and Co. In one of his pictures, he wore jewelries worth about two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000).

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