Easy Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk - 4 years ago

Theoretically we should be getting in a workout most days of the week, but when we pressed for time it tends to be one of the habits that falls by the wayside. You might not have time in your day for an hour boot camp class between meetings, commuting, and trying to feed yourself, but you might have time for a few shorter periods of physical activity. In fact, you certainly do! These exercises can be done while you’re at your desk so you won’t miss any urgent emails or phone calls. Sprinkle them throughout the day or better yet do them whenever you think of it. If you can add a 20 minute jog or other cardio session in somewhere you’ll be surprised at how it can add up. Plus it’s sort of fun. To work your arms using your own body weight, sit cross-legged in your chair and lift yourself up using the armrests as supports. Hold for 10-15 seconds, release, and repeat. Anyone can be a push-up master when they’re done on the edge of a desk! Grab on and walk your feet out behind you until you hit a good incline. While you’re down there get in nice shoulder stretch as well. Then flip it around to work your triceps and do some dips off the edge of your desk. Your arms will be prepared for any amount of typing you can throw at them. To work those legs and core, extend your legs out one at a time while seated in your chair and lift them up as high as you can. It should start to burn pretty quickly. Next do some toe tapping in rapid succession while you are still seated. Follow it up with some very discreet yet very rewarding gluteus isometrics, or as it’s known on the street: squeezing off the buttocks. You might not have noticed how many fitness tools your office has laying around, but don’t overlook that nice wall behind you. Grab something to read and settle into a nice wall squat, bending your knees and bracing yourself with your back against the wall. Stay until your legs get jiggly. And then do it again. If you spend a significant amount of time on the phone, why not wander around while you do the talking? If you need to stay close to a pen and paper just standing instead of sitting will aid in the calorie burn and help avoid that whole tired booty feeling. Throw in some calf raises for good measure, and if there’s room for you to kick without knocking over someone’s coffee do some hamstring lifts by stretching your legs out and up behind you. If you feel inspired and confident enough to really work it out, try jogging in place or doing some jumping jacks. Any spike it your heart rate helps to burn calories, and it’s a great way to snap out of the afternoon energy slump. Squats are a great way to work the rear side of the body but make sure your business suit can stretch that way before testing it in public.

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