Heartbreaking: See the Nigerian Pastor Who Was Murdered Outside His Apartment in the USA (Photo) - 4 years ago

Oluwadayomi Epenusi, a 66-year-old Nigerian-born church pastor, was shot dead outside his apartment in Indianapolis, United States, on Saturday. According to RTV6 the Indy Channel’s report, the murder took place at around 1:30 am. Epenusi had recently relocated from Nigeria to US, and lived in an apartment complex near 10th Street and I-465 on the city’s west side Indiana. Many other Nigerians live in the same apartment complex. Neighbors said they heard a series of gunshots early Saturday morning. “I heard about 15 gunshots. It was nuts,” said neighbor Kristina Teague. Teague called 911, but by the time police arrived the victim had run back to his apartment and a roommate then drove the bleeding man to Eskenazi Hospital where the 66-year-old died, unable to explain to his roommate what led up to the shooting. “The roommate said when he was on the way he asked him what happened and why he got shot, but the man couldn’t say nothing because he was still in pain,” said Moshood Kafaru. Kafaru moved to the United States from Nigeria, as did the victim who worked as a pastor. “He was just a nice person who would go to work and come home and go to church. He didn’t talk to nobody. He never bothered nobody,” said Kafaru. Police don’t know for sure, but Kafaru believes the violence started as a robbery. “He was holding a purse. He refused to let it go. They thought he had money in the purse, but he didn’t want to let it go,” said Kafaru. Neighbors who knew Epenusi said he had been working hard to help his kids to move to the United States. “They just got a visa. That why he was working, so his family can come over here,” said Kafaru. “He was just an innocent man and it just upsets me that he’s gone just like that.” “It’s really sad because he was here sending money to his family,” said Teague. Police are still looking for his killer(s).

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