Dangers of Tongue Piercing - 4 years ago

Tongue piercing is a form of body piercing that is generally done directly through the midpoint of the tongue. Today, it is probably the most admired form of body piercing in the western world immediately after nostril and ear piercing. Many teenagers and youngsters are, nowadays, very much fond of tongue piercing and this trend of fashion has grown up vastly especially over the last several years. But, whatever the trend may be, people should think properly before having their tongue pierced because it is very probably the most dangerous form of body piercing. Tongue piercing may cause several fatal diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, oral cancer, blood poisoning and even HIV. Besides, it may also causes diseases like nerve damage, gun damage, infections, chipped teeth, drooling, taste loss and teeth loss. Fatal diseases: The fatal diseases that can be caused by tongue piercing are usually as follows- • If the jewelry that you are using in your tongue is not sterilized one, you may become the victim of serious infections like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or even HIV. • In some extreme cases, it may causes blood poisoning that ultimately drags one down to death. • It may also become the reason of oral cancer, which too can lead you to death. • Neuromas (overgrowth of nerve tissue) can be happened from tongue piercing as well. • Endocarditis may also be caused from tongue piercing- in this disease, bacteria enters into the bloodstream and badly damages the heart valves. • Another Dangerous disease is Brain Abscess that can be happened due to tongue piercing- though it occurred rarely, but it is definitely another serious disease. Besides these fatal diseases, you may also face some other severe issues like - the barbell of your jewelry can become loose and it can go down a wrong way such as it can wrap up in your lungs, it is not necessary to explain how dangerous it could be if it happens. Yet, as the mouth is full of bacteria as well as it includes major blood vessels, deadly infection can be easily spread to the brain, which can also lead you to the ultimate disaster, I.e. death. Common problems: Following are the briefs about the problems that may commonly be occurred after tongue piercing- • The most common problems, what are suffered by people after tongue piercing, are generally teeth related. You may be the victim of damaged teeth- you may have your front tooth broken, fractured or cracked. Statistics shows it that almost half of the barbell users, who use it for around four years or more, enjoy at least one chipped tooth. It happens because the jewelry, what is used as an ornament, continuously hits or rubs up your tongue while eating, talking or even sleeping. These jewelries thus decompose the enamel of your teeth which also causes teeth sensitivity. • Besides, people can suffer gum diseases - the jewelry may have contact with gum tissue, which can cause injury or recession of gum tissue that can ultimately lead to loose teeth or even tooth loss. • Yet, difficulties in regular oral activities like speaking or swallowing problem can also be happened- you may feel difficulty in swallowing or chewing food while some find it difficult to speak clearly. The reason behind these problems is the excess production of saliva due to the jewelry. Permanent or temporary drooling, changes in taste can also be occurred from excessive saliva production. • In susceptible people, allergic reaction to the metal of the jewelry can be occurred. It is a kind of hypersensitivity reaction that is called as allergic contact dermatitis. • Bad breath is another problem that may be happened due to tongue piercing. Bacteria may grow and spread in your mouth because of the jewelry and may endure bad breath as a result of that. These are the common diseases that an individual commonly experience because of tongue piercing. So, you should be more sincere in making the decision whether to have your tongue pierced or not. The purpose of this article is not to frighten you, rather it is written to aware you so that you become more careful during tongue piercing. It is not definite that you must be a victim of any disease if you get pierced in your tongue, you can avoid any kind of disease, severe or common, by being careful about the entire process. You need to take several necessary steps both before and after the piercing process in order to prevent any disease that may be occurred due to it. • First of all, after making the decision that you want to have your tongue pierced anyway, you have to find out the best piercing shop in your city that are reputed for their good service, do not bother about their charges because money is nothing in the issue of your fitness. • Be certain about the sterilization process- make sure that the performer is skilled as well as they are using fresh tools and obviously the superior items that are accessible in the market- using used apparatus or substandard stuff is probably the main reason that resultant severe infections. Before the piercing is done, the performer is the person who is responsible for all- you can just be careful about the issue, but it is the performer who does the main job. On the contrary, after the piercing has been done, the ball is on your court- then you have to be very careful to take proper care of it. You have to learn properly about how you can prevent any danger that may occur from the piercing and have to take those steps properly. You should ask the performer or any physician or dentist about the aftercare. Some common practices that you need to follow after piercing are as follows: • On the first few days, before the tongue is completely healed, have only liquid foods- this period is hardly ten days. Besides, do not touch your tongue with fingers in this period because your fingers can contain bacteria. • Rinse with a good mouthwash several times daily as well as brush your teeth along with tongue stub to get rid of plaque. • Always take the stub away while sleeping or eating in order to avoid damaging gum tissues and teeth enamel. • Never use substandard jewelry. Only use those that are safe and sterilized like stainless steel or gold. • Last, but not the least, visit your dentist regularly to be certain that your teeth and tongue remain in the pink.

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