25-year-old man impregnates 17-year-old girl(Photos) - 4 years ago

‘SAVE A CHILD’S LIFE. I know I don’t usually do this but this case is very important to me because it involves life. I came back home from workout and met my mum with our fresh fish customer crying I panicked and asked them what happened and my mum told me that the lady’s daughter is pregnant. Hmmmm. I gave the lady some time to put herself together and asked her what happened. She said her 17 year old daughter is pregnant for a man of about 25 years old she got angry and sent the girl out of her house because she’s poor and has nothing and no one to help her , in her words ” the day i no sell fish we no dey see food chop even the man wey give her belle sef one day him no even bring groundnut make she chop, naim make me pursue her for house I no fit take care of her and the pickin, na just this morning somebody bring her come house dey beg me I no know wetin I go do” I asked her if she has registered the girl for antenatal and her response was ” we no get money to chop talk of to go hospital”. I want to appeal to my friends to please help this little girl. Yes she has made a mistake but let us not watch her die in the process. The mum said the mam responsible for the pregnancy admitted he got her pregnant but he has nothing doing. Violet is 5 months pregnant she needs medical attention. Her mum’s phone is bad but she promised to bring a number for me to reach her I will post the number here when she brings it to me so you guys can reach out to them. Save a life today please I am begging everybody. Please save a life. PS: I spoke with the mum before making this post’

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