Woman gives birth to twins; a girl and SNAKE (photo) - 4 years ago

Somewhere in Uganda is a woman living with a 30-foot-long Python which she claims to have birthed. In 2007, Nalongo got in the family way and was delighted to learn that she was pregnant with twins. The same year, her husband died just a few months before she gave birth and in December of the same year she gave birth to the most unusual twins ever. woman The woman who claims to have given birth to snake Unusual because one was a girl and the other one was a snakelet. A tiny Python. The woman claims that the snake is her son who lives in the body of the reptile and true to her claims, she has lived with the Python for the last nine years. Unfortunately, she couldn’t take her unusual baby to school and resorted to staying at home nursing, feeding and looking after it. Her neighbors have tried understand her while her family which was more practical disowned her years ago. Recently, she was reported to the wildlife department and officers raided her home and almost took the Python away. She managed to convince them that she is the only one who knows how to feed it. She refused to let her child live with animals in the forest. The woman now claims that no man wants to be with her as soon as they learn that she gave birth to a snake. She has appealed to well-wishers to help her because she is straining to feed the Python which gobbles up around 40 chicken eggs a day.

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