I Own One House, Two Black Shoes And One Seventeen Year Old Wristwatch – Former Governor Reveals - 4 years ago

The former governor of Anambra state Peter Obi has stated categorically that luxury and waste do not really appeal to him, the outspoken governor stated that he only acquires what he needs. Speaking at the Platform Nigeria to a live audience, Peter Obi confesses that he has always found the idea of stocking his house full of designer shoes outrageous, according to Obi, the main reason for a shoe is to protect the feet from hurt. Hence he does not understand why he should buy shoes of several thousand dollars. “The shoe I’m wearing is Mark and Spencers and I got it for $49.99, I own two of it and I travel with them too” he said displaying the plain looking black shoes and explaining that he never owns more than two at a time. He went further to say that he has just one wristwatch which he has worn for seventeen years. “The aim is to know the time, I see no reason why I should keep one at home, who is it working for” he said as the audience burst into laughter. “Asides all the official residences, the only house I built is in Onitsha, if you find any other in my name, you are free to confiscate it” the politician said boldly stating that he has only one property in his name.

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