What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Making Love - 4 years ago

Has it been a while? Maybe you’re newly single or simply don’t have the time to date, but if you’ve noticed any of these changes in your mood or your body, it might be about time to get back in the game. This is what happens to your body when you stop having s*x, and it’s not all as pleasant as this first one. You might have a wet dream or two Shutterstock Like an over-hormonal teenage boy, women who aren’t having s*x regularly will find that their body will remind them what they’re missing in their sleep. This will especially happen if your s*x life is not only at a standstill, but you’ve also given up on self servicing. Many women aren’t sure if they’ve ever had a wet dream, as the only proof is a memory and, as we all know, there’s no foggier memory than that of a dream. Researchers had it easy when they were studying nocturnal emissions in men, the most obvious reason being because men have erections that are visible and release as proof that they’ve climaxed. With women, it was more complex. It wasn’t so easy for researchers to collect data on female arousal during their sleep, as they had to measure heart rate, do brain scans, and watch for temperature jumps near the cli**ris. However, they managed to get it done and it was later revealed in a study reported by Broadly that 37 percent of women will have a wet dream before the age of 45 and that they’re most common in women between the ages of 40 and 50. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve gotten lucky, you can expect these little presents to find their way into your subconscious. Your stress levels go through the roof Shutterstock Well, maybe not through the roof, but stress levels will certainly increase. According to Psychology Today, the endorphins released during s*x are ideal for leaving your worries behind and putting an instant smile on your face. So when you’ve gone a while without any nookie, you might notice that your stress level builds up. What they don’t mention, however, is whether or not these magic endorphins are released even when the s*x is, uh well, mediocre at best. Because if reducing stress relies on actually having an climax during s*x, then most women are doomed anyway, as we all know how difficult that can be at times. If you’re not one to get off as often as you’d like, have no fear! It’s not only the released endorphins that help reduce stress levels, it’s those acrobatic moves we try in the bedroom as well. s*x can be a form of exercise, which we all know fights off stress and anxiety, so if you aren’t getting any these days, try not to skip your cardio workouts. If it wasn’t bad enough that without s*x you’re feeling overstressed, you might also have high blood pressure. One study determined that those who had s*x over a two week period had significantly lower blood pressure levels than those who were without s*x or even compared those who masturbated or participated in any s*xual activity that excluded intercourse. So even taking care of things yourself or making out a bit won’t help your stress levels very much. In this case, women actually do need a partner.

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