Story: Lily and Bobby Stranded In The Rain - 4 years ago

On a rainy day, Lily wants to help a friend out with a free ride but on their way back, her car goes kaput. They’re both drenched under a leaky “Never again!” I blurted out checking the time I have been stuck in traffic at Apo road for close to 30 minutes, no surprise most people would rather go to the Shoprite at wuse2, I had to go pick Bobby at his friend’s house in a gated community in Apo. We had plans to go see a new movie at the cinema then hit the club, the traffic moved slowly “If I get lost eh” I said frowning “Just take the first left turn you see” He said into the phone I saw the bend and took it, soon the gate was visible, I drove in slowly. I followed his direction and soon I saw him standing outside a brightly painted gate: who paints gates brightly? He came over mouthing sorry as he got into the car “Before you kill me, we have to pick my friend from Maitama” he said I shot him a cold look and he went on to explain how the guy was new to town and is still yet to get the hang of the town, I drove without saying anything, I took the highway and headed towards Maitama, not long it started to rain. I kept picturing how it would have been a great day indoors under the sheets and maybe with my fingers downtown, my car started to jerk pulling me out of my daydream. I pulled to the side of the road as it got worse, I parked and turned off the ignition, I tried turning it back on but it won’t roar back into life “No no no not now please” I cried out as I tried over and over to start the engine. “His house is not too far, we just walk down and get a tricycle once the rain calms down” He said We waited and soon the rain slowed down, I locked the car and we walked down to find a tricycle but none came along, soon it started to rain again making me wish I heard just stayed in today, we walked faster drenching in the rain, after a while we found a shelter under an abandoned shanty, we rushed in with me shivering. “Sorry Lils, bad day” He said pulling me into him I moved closer into him, we kept each other warm with me still shivering slightly, my clothes stuck to my body, the rain feel harder and he pulled me in closer, he was rubbing my hand up and down with his fingers brushing me slightly; it was making me hot, like knowing what we both want we turned to face each other and kissed, it was dark but anyone could pass through. His hands on my face he kissed me deeper, his hands feel down and he grabbed my a*s squeezing hard, I moaned into his mouth, I reached for his belt and tried to pry it open, he helped me and pulled his trouser down, I reached in and pulled his hard man-hood out. I squatted down and took his man-hood in my mouth hearing him hum slightly as my tongue brushed his head, I moved my tongue down his shaft, I took him in deeper and started to bop my head up and down, I moved faster and faster till I felt his hand on the back of my head, he pushed my head down making me take him in deeper, he started to moved making me gag a little. He pushed in deeper and let out a small grunt shooting c*m down my mouth, I swallowed then wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, he pulled me up and pulled my gown up; so glad I finally went with a gown that morning, he spun me and around and I went down arching my back, he pushed my panty to the side and I felt him rubbing man-hood on the opening of my p*ssy. I pushed my a*s back forcing the head in, he held my waist and pushed in slowly, when he was in he started to move slowly, pulling out completely and pushing back in slowly, he did so a couple more times before he picked up speed. Soon he was slamming into me, the cold breeze hitting my a*s as he moved felt amazing, he pulled my back and grabbed my b**bs kicking my neck, I pushed back into him moving to meet his thrust, moving faster he squeezed hard on my b**bs, we moved faster together and I felt my build up “Oh yes I am going to c*m” I moaned He pushed me back down and slammed faster and deeper, I screamed and came hard, he held onto me and pushed deeper, he let out a loud grunt shooting warm c*m up my p*ssy: maybe not being in my bed by myself could be warm after all, he pulled out and I turned around, I kissed him and he told me his friend’s wasn’t too far from there “Let’s just take a cab to my place and ‘get’ out of these wet clothes” I said smirking He pulled me in closer and smiled “Yeah I need to keep you warm” He said smiling

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