5 Things Guys Think About Before Giving You A Head - 4 years ago

We may look enthusiastic on the surface but we have some personal reservations that we’re trying to settle before we begin the tongue action down south. The mind isn’t blank while he’s trying to go down on you. It’s doing a lot of things, weighing the options of going ahead or not. Is it a bad decision for some mouth action down south? There are different questions being asked and answered simultaneously that you’re probably not aware of. Most times these questions all get shut down by thought which is when she returns the favor. It will all be worth it 1. I will keep my boxers on Well, there is huge probability that you will be unclad, and depending on our understanding, it might happen in an awkward position which might not be ideal for our upcoming erection. No use having the man-hood dangling over the ground or flattened against any surface. So, we will safely keep the short on till it is safe for the man-hood to come out. 2. She may repay me Don’t get it wrong, we love to go down on you. We love how your body reacts to our tongue magic, but there is a tiny part of us that wishes that you could return the favor. There is the magic stuff you do with your tongue that we love, and we’re just hoping you do that again after we blow your mind through the tongue. 3. Do I have cash for dinner? The mind drifts, it doesn’t matter how much we try to make it focus. So, in a case where it takes a while before your s*xual organs ignite for us to have a good time, we will be down there underneath you like a mechanic trying to make it work, while there. We may be thinking different things like, I hope I have enough cash to buy dinner on my way home or did I lock my car? All sorts of things cross our minds but we quickly bring it back. 4. That scalp massage While we’re down there, doing things that you like, we’re hoping to get that scalp massage. When the sensation of the tongue hits certain places. The lady gets so turned on that she wants more of what is going on. She shows this by either grabbing his head and rubbing her orifice over his face or grabbing his head, and massaging the scalp. The scalp massage can be very therapeutic, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. If she is one of the hair pullers, good luck! 5. Time for some jaw exercise Depending on the skill level of guy, it might be a tongue action but the jaw will definitely get in on the action as well. This is where the job in the blowjob is spent. It is really a lot of work on the jaw. Keeping the mouth open and attached to the v**ina is grounds for serious jaw action. When we think about this, we’re thinking about the stress that it’s about to begin. It’s like eating the hard bread for breakfast, it might be good for your health but your jaw is the one that is working hard here. So, you might wanna begin with some jaw exercise first. Bonus point here, he might be needing water, this isn’t one task that is to be done with a dry mouth, you need your saliva for the task ahead. Drinking water before going ahead mighty be useful.

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