10 Things About s*x In A Blissful Relationship - 4 years ago

When you’re in a good s*x relationship, and the s*x is good. There are certain things that you know to be true. Here are a list of some of those secrets. There is bad s*x everywhere you look, either in a relationship or with one night stands but there is a way to make it better, especially for the merchants of the bad s*x. Each time the case of bad s*x comes up, the guy is usually seen as the culprit. The woman is seen as the victim of this horrific incident, which might not be true all of the time. There are times when the woman might be the one at fault but that’s a story for another day. Lessons can be learnt from bad s*x especially how not to have bad s*x. If you’re in a relationship then bad s*x shouldn’t even be in the mix. If it starts at the beginning, steps should be made to correct them. s*x in relationships are supposed to be better because you’re both spending more time with each other, understanding each other’s body and how to pleasure it. According to Zhara Barnes, GQ, here are the 10 secrets that happy couples know about s*x in a relationship. 1. Everyone’s climax is equal It might take longer for some people to achieve climax but everyone’s climax is equal to each other. One isn’t more important than the other. The other person’s pleasure should be in your mind as much as yours. People in happy relationships know this. If your partner is happy then he/she will do everything in his/her powers to make you happy as well. 2. Compromise is everywhere You have to compromise, everyone in a good, functional relationship knows this. There are bound to be things that your partner loves and absolutely loathe, you have to find a way to compromise so they can be happy because it isn’t all about you. It’s about them as well. Be nice, indulge them with their guilty pleasures. 3. It will become boring Truth is after a while of being together, complacency will set in, you’d have had a lot of s*x and things will not be like before. It will even be harder for either of you to still be comfortable having s*x with your partner. Monogamy won’t look like a bright idea anymore. This will be the time to bring in something fresh into the relationship. 4. s*x isn’t as much as it used to be It’s fine that you probably don’t have as much s*x as you used to earlier when you just started seeing each other. Those times when you could hardly keep your hands off each other, if you’re in that box where you’re still having as much s*x as when you first started then good for you. What happens is that the quantity might go down but the quality may increase because you’ve learnt about how to pleasure each other, so her climax isn’t a scavenger hunt anymore like before. 5. s*x store is an option As time goes by in a relationship, you might need to start looking into how better your s*xual life as the former exciting has now become regular. The s*x store can be a place where you can get ideas on how to switch things up. Toys are always delightful both from adults and kids, adult toys are even more fun. 6. Orgasms are just one of the many pleasures It is true that orgasms are the best way for s*x to end, on a high note but s*x is more of a journey where you can take detours to explore other things still on the way towards climax. Being there with your partner, enjoying your body is a good thrill that you should enjoy as well. Maybe you call that emotional climax. 7. s*x isn’t a weapon It’s all in the context, s*x can be an er*tic tool, but when in a relationship, it is unfair to use s*x as a weapon, in fact it should be seen as a war crime. Withholding s*x for sake of B-D-S-M game is fine but if it is done because the person offended you or you’re just trying to prove a point is just wrong. Kindly desist from it, if you do. 8. Brief hiatus from s*x can be helpful Taking a break from your partner for a brief while can even make the s*x better, the heart and the nether region grows fonder in those times.play Taking a break from your partner for a brief while can even make the s*x better, the heart and the nether region grows fonder in those times If you don’t have s*x with your partner for a while, it’s quite naturally that you’d miss each other. When you both come back the s*x is bound to be amazing. Going away for a while can do wonders on your s*x life. 9. Being turned on isn’t a switch For a guy, it might be a switch. For a lady, it isn’t a switch. Getting turned on is a process that may be slow. Foreplays count and it doesn’t matter that you’ve had s*x over a thousand times. Foreplays are still essential 10. Routine things can be sexy Being in a relationship for a long period can mean you’ve seen it all but there are sometimes that normal mundane things just look so extraordinary. For instance, you can walk into the kitchen, and the way the light throws on her behind just gives you an epiphany or how delicious looking she is right there.

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