7 Annoying Things You Do To Ruin Good s*x Without Realizing It - 4 years ago

You want to make the best out of your s*x life, here are seven things you must stop doing because it is very annoying and ruins good s*x. 1. You’re too commanding Depending on the mood, it can be a massive turn on to have the man be dominant in bed. But there’s a difference between being dominant and being controlling. “It’s nice when a man is in charge and he has a sense of confidence about him,” Monica said. “That’s very different from just running over somebody.” One signal that will tell you if you’re crossing the line is if you direct her into a position you’ve never tried before, for your pleasure only. The key to being dominant is to tell her to do things that you’ve both tried and both enjoyed before. 2. You go too hard on the cli**ris There’s nothing worse than a clitoral attack. Surprise, surprise, but the cli**ris is actually highly sensitive and if you rub or, god forbid, jackhammer it too hard this will just end up being painful and not at all pleasurable. Instead, let her guide you. Start slow, either by touch or oral stimulation, and work your way towards more pressure. If she moves your fingers aside, this means you’re going too hard and she needs you to be softer. 3. You think good s*x equals marathon s*x “Men hear all this stuff about stamina, so they think the longer they last, the better. “But when you keep going and going, it’s kind of like chopping wood after a while.” 4. She does all the work when she’s on top Sure, this is your chance to let her take over all the hard work but this doesn’t mean she wants you to starfish. Make sure to continue to engage with your partner just like she does when you’re on top. “It makes a woman self-conscious—like, what is he expecting me to do right now?” So it’s always good to give her a bit of guidance, tell her what feels good and grab her b*tt every once in a while. 5. You repeatedly touch her most self-conscious areas Every woman has part of their body they are highly self conscious of. Whether it be their stomach or things, constantly touching these areas will turn her right off. Instead, in between love making, tell her why you love this body part of hers so much. It will help instill a quiet confidence in her and she will gradually become more open to you touching this particular part. 6. When you push a woman’s head down It’s as if you think we don’t understand foreplay. Men, your turn for oral is coming, but you pushing our heads down will just make us want to refuse. Patience is a virtue and this is the singular biggest sign a man doesn’t have respect for the women he does this to. 7. When you forgo the foreplay completely We get it, sometimes there’s just too much tension you need to get in there right away. But for the most part the woman takes a bit longer to get up to speed compared to the man. Make sure you engage in at least a little foreplay before heading to the main event. Sometimes the greatest thing about s*x is the lead up, the wanting, the yearning and lack of foreplay is just frustrating.

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