15 Things Nigerian Men Say When Caught Cheating - 4 years ago

1. ‘It’s the work of the devil’ It’s always the devil. We’re pretty sure the devil is tired of being blamed for Nigerian men’s actions. 2. ‘I’m sorry’ If you know what’s good for you, pack your slippers and run after the apology. 3. ‘It wasn’t me’ This one is wild. They suddenly claim to have an identical twin even when you have photo proof. 4. ‘I don’t know what came over me’ Another variation of the ‘It’s the devil’ excuse. 5. ‘She’s my cousin’ 6. ‘She’s just a friend’ 7. ‘It’s not what it looks like‘ 8. ‘I don’t know who she is’ 9. ‘It was an accident’ Yeah, you just magically fell into someone else v**ina. 10. ‘Please give me another chance’ 11. ‘She seduced me’ 12. ‘It’s your fault, you weren’t there for me’ 13. ‘I still love you, she is nobody to me’ 14. ‘It was a mistake’ 15. ‘So you don’t trust me abi’

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