Problems JAMB Candidates Face In 2017 Registration And Solutions - 4 years ago

The JAMB 2017 registration has been fraught with problems. According to NOIPolls, 60 percent of the 2017 JAMB registration applicants have experienced one form of difficulty or another during the ongoing registration exercise. Ironically, these problems arise from the fact that JAMB has introduced new measures to ensure ease in the registration process. Below are some of the problems they have faced: 1. Accessing JAMB’s website According to the polls, 29% of candidates experienced problems with accessing the official website to register. The official website is: 2. Cumbersome process About 28% of the candidates reported that the entire process was generally difficult and cumbersome. To solve this problem, candidates should follow the guidelines to register available on the internet. 3. Overcrowding at registration centers Registration centers are also a part of the problem as there seems to be very few of them. 14% of the candidates said that there was usually overcrowding at the registration centers. Candidates might need to arrive quite early to beat the crowd. 4. Difficulty in generating PIN Another 14% mentioned difficulty in generating PIN among other difficulties. Also some of the respondents claimed they made repeated visits in order to register; 28 percent made 2 visits, 10 percent made three visits while 20 percent made several visits to complete their registration, thus further buttressing the difficulties faced by applicants in the 2017 JAMB registration process. This suggests that JAMB needs to put more efforts in place to ensure an improved and more effective registration process.

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