Serena Williams reveals she doesn't know the sex of her baby yet, clarifies what Venus meant - 4 years ago

Yesterday, Venus Williams gave the impression that her sister Serena Williams was expecting a baby girl. While granting an interview at the French Open, she referred to the baby as "she" and everyone assumed it meant it would be a daughter for Serena and Alexis but it isn't so. Apparently, Venus was misunderstood and Serena has now clarified. In an Instagram post, the tennis champion revealed that she's looking forward to the surprise of finding out the gender of the baby on the same day the baby is born. She said her sister referred to the baby as "she" because there are five girls in their family so they are used to using the "she" pronoun when referring to each other and by extension, the baby. She also revealed that whenever she wants any of her sisters to do her any favors, she tricks them into believing she will name the baby after that particular sister, causing them to inadvertently refer to the baby with the female pronoun. The gender of the baby is still not known according to Serena.

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