Dramatic bodycam video from Orlando gay nightclub shooting released, shows the horror that played out that night as 49 were killed - 4 years ago

New video has emerged showing the extent of the horror inside Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando where Omar Mateen opened fire, killing 49 people and causing injury to 53 others before he was eventually gunned down by police after a three-hour standoff. The attack happened on June 12, 2016, and has been referred to as the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in the United States history. Now, almost a year later, Orlando Sentinel has obtained the video and it's really hard to watch. It shows some of what happened that night and the extent of the havoc wreaked by the ISIS fanatic. In the video, cops are seen entering the club through a broken window and zeroing in on the bathroom, where Omar Mateen was holding club patrons hostage. The harrowing footage shows police officers entering the nightclub and survivors fleeing the building in terror as cops try to contain the shooter. Some survivors were found hiding in cupboards. Bodies of the wounded and dead were seen all over the floor. Those trapped in the building used their phones to call their loved ones who in turn called 911 and begged for their relatives to be saved. 911 recordings reveal loved ones calling police to beg them to save their trapped relatives. At a point in the video, officers entering the building for the first time scream: "Let me see your hands! Come out with your hands up or you will die!" Another officer, stationed just outside the nightclub, gives a quick prayer: "Lord Jesus just watch over me." As survivors exited the building, they were patted down by cops searching for weapons. Many of them were in shock. The footage is taken from some 15 hours of footage recorded by bodycams on six different officers. It also includes recordings of police negotiators discussions with the lone shooter as he conversed with them from his hiding place in the club bathroom. “I want to let you know I’m in Orlando and I did the shooting,” Mateen said. “I pledge my allegiance to Baghdadi on behalf of the Islamic State." He continued ranting about ISIS and Syria, saying: “You need to stop the U.S. airstrikes. They need to stop the U.S. airstrikes, OK? You have to tell the US government to stop bombing." He goes on to tell the negotiator he has vehicles parked outside that are rigged with explosives and "your people are going to get it" if they attempt to take him down. "I'll tell you this, they can take out a whole city block almost. I have a vest. It's what they used in France." Manteen was eventually shot and killed by the police. After his death, it was claimed that the 29-year-old US born son of Afghan immigrants had been gay himself. A man, named only as Miguel, claimed that he and Mateen had dated and said the massacre was carried out as revenge after Mateen found out he had slept with an HIV-positive man. Manteen was married to a woman and his wife, Noor Salman, was also arrested following the attack and was charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting by providing material to a terrorist organisation. See one part of the bodycam footage below....

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