Most Dangerous S*x Position Every Man Should know This - 4 years ago

When it comes to s*x-related injuries among men, penile fractures are rare yet painful; now researchers say they know which positions are likeliest to result in them. Researchers reviewed records from three hospitals over a 13-year period in Campinas, Brazil, a city of roughly 3 million people. In a paper published they write that the “cowgirl”—when the woman is on top of the man—was responsible for half the penile fractures reported among the cases involving heterosexual s*x. The second-worst offender was doggy style, responsible for 29%, while the traditional missionary position had been assumed in 21% of the fractures, reports the Telegraph. Still, man-hood fractures are rare—so much so that there isn’t really a known statistic for the injury, reports Over 13 years of hospital records in Campinas, only a total of 42 men had “the condition confirmed after clinical, radiological, and surgical evaluation,” the researchers report. As a side note: 28 of those 42 fractures occurred during heterosexual s*x, 4 during homosexual s*x, 6 due to “penile manipulation,” and 4 in “unclear” circumstances. Researchers surmise that when the woman is on top, “she usually controls the movement with her entire body weight landing on the erect man-hood, not being able to interrupt it when the man-hood suffers a wrong way penetration.” (This man’s decision to have s*x in a desert ended up costing him big-time.)

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