Baby-daddy excitement!!! - Davido in Atlanta to await the birth of his second child - 4 years ago

We mentioned in one of our previous news that Davido was getting mature by the day. His maturity is getting more and more obvious, as he is leaving behind childish things and embracing the responsibilities of adulthood. As you know, the singer is expecting his second baby with his American-based girlfriend who is almost due for delivery. Amazingly, OBO cannot imagine being in Nigeria while his second official baby mama delivers his second child in America. The soon-to-be father of two has taken off to America to be beside his second baby mama, as she travails and brings forth their 1st child together. So, in addition to acknowledging that he’s responsible for Amanda’s pregnancy, he’s never stopped gushing about the unborn child since he made it known. He even said the child is all that matters to him. In the spirit of maturity, the singer took off to America and is beside Amanda, giving all the necessary support required to see to a successful delivery. OBO really wishes to be the first image the child sees the moment she comes into this world. Isn’t it just amazing that instead of caring less about Amanda and her child, the reverse happens to be the case?

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