‘I Caught My Father With My Friend’s Mum’ – What Should I DO? - 4 years ago

What would be your reaction if you caught your father with your friend’s mother in an uncompromising position? My name is Adenike. I am a 21-year-old lady in my final year in the university. I have a burning issue that I need urgent advice before I do something stupid. My parents have been married for over 20 years now and they appear to be very happy with each other and we children have been very close to them. I have been especially close to dad and I am very mad at him at the moment because he did something I never expected him to do. It happened last month when I came back from school and went to visit my best friend, Rita who lives with her mother in another part of the town. Her parents are divorced so her mother goes into one relationship or the other. Rita tells me about the men that come to visit and this time, she told me of a certain man who has been so nice to her, takes her shopping and gives her loads of money. I was not really interested in such stories but she gushed so much about the man that I actually looked forward to meeting him. We were in her room when a car drove into their compound and shortly after, we heard her mum call her and we went to the sitting room to greet her and that was when I got the shocker of my life. There was my beloved father on the couch with Rita’s mum on his laps and they were kissing like teenagers. I was surprised at what I saw that it took me a while to come to terms with the situation and when I found my voice, I screamed in shock. That was when he saw me and sprang up from where he sat. I practically ran out of the house and since then, dad has been doing everything to pacify me not to tell mum but I am not sure if I can hold it any longer. As much as I want to forgive him, I still can’t forget the scene and the knowledge that he could betray mum that way.

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