I don't want to talk about my issue with Kemen yet - TBoss - 4 years ago

In a new interview with The Nation, Big Brother Naija housemate, TBoss, has disclosed that it's not yet time to talk about what went down, between her and Kemen. Recall that Kemen said that he never fingered TBoss, as he was only pulling the duvet. Here are excerpts from a recent interview; _ Q: The issue of Kemen sleeping on the same bed with you led him to being disqualified from the house. Kemen has said what happened under the sheets wasn’t what viewers thought. He said when you come out, you’ll be able to talk about it. What really happened? _ A: Well, since he is saying that, he should just go ahead and actually say what really happened. _ Q: Kemen said he was just trying to pull a duvet apart, that both of you usually sleep into each other? And that was what he was trying to do… _ A: (Making faces)… See, since I got back (from South Africa), I haven’t slept. I had one hour sleep last night. My head is full with media interviews and so much running around. The last thing I want to think about now is the Kemen issue. I didn’t like it and to be very honest, Kemen was a good friend. But I really do not want to comment about this right now. I am not ready. When I’m ready, I will speak about it.

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