I Did Not Kill M.K.O. Abiola’s Wife, Kudirat – Ex-Abacha’s CSO, Al-mustapha‎ Insists - 4 years ago

The former CSO to Abacha noted that if he had been guilty of all allegations against him, his conscience would not allow him to speak about what happened in the public. According to Al-Mustapha, “On the late Kudirat Abiola, Rogers himself confessed in a court of law along with other witnesses how much money they were given. Rogers confessed he was told to do so. He was given money. He was given a house. He was given a car every six months, and he was promised to be taken outside Nigeria. “The plan was as soon as Lagos court pronounced me guilty and I was to be hanged, then they would rush me to prison and hang me without giving me the option to go for appeal. That was what happened. “I thank God Almighty everything that happened in Lagos State Court was compiled and signed by all the 14 judges. We are putting it together. My father has already put the book together in three volumes. You will see them soon. “If I am guilty, there is no way I can talk, there is no way I can get the confidence to look into their eyes because they are the bigger ones above the law in Nigeria. I am doing so. ” I have done it yesterday, I am doing it now and I will to do it tomorrow. If I were dishonest, I couldn’t do that. “That is why the matter is before the Supreme Court now for appeal. We have been begging them since 2013 for the matter to be heard so that everybody can hear what happened. “Up till now, the Lagos State Government ran away from it. We are begging them to come to the matter. We have nothing to hide‎.”

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