My Husband Hid His 15-Yr-Old Son From Me - 4 years ago

Would you accept your spouse’s love child he/she had hidden from you for many years? My name is Ifeoluwa and I have been happily married with two children for 10 years now but at the moment, it seems the happy marriage is about to go up in flames due to a secret my husband, Kayode, hid from me all these years we have been married. I never knew that my husband had a 15-year-old son he never told me about till a woman surfaced two months ago with the boy who is a split image of Kayode. In fact, no one would take a look at the child and doubt his paternity. What is more painful is that members of his family who have always been so nice to me, never told me about the child. When I asked his younger sister who has lived with us for many years, she confided in me that Kayode warned all of them never to tell me. When I asked him why he did not tell me all these years that he had a child somewhere, he explained that he did not know how to tell me. He has been begging for my forgiveness but I am not sure I can ever forget what he has done and the hurt is just too much. Now the problem is accepting the child to stay with me. He has told me I must accept the child or there will be trouble in the house.

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