My Fiancee Eloped With Another Man Carrying A Pregnancy That Belongs To Me - 4 years ago

What should a man whose pregnant fiancée eloped with another man do? My name is Chimezie and I am a very bitter and angry man at the moment because of what a woman I loved with all my life and was preparing to settle down with, did to me. I met Tonia about five years ago and she told me that her boyfriend had just dumped her and travelled abroad. She was so heartbroken that it took me close to one year to convince her that I was real. After accepted me, I showed her how much I loved her in every way I could, just to make her know I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I took her to my family in the East and everyone loved and accepted her. Her family too took me like one of their own and it was very clear we were heading to a life together, until she played her hand of deceit and betrayal. After we did our introduction, she now moved in with me while we prepared for both the traditional marriage and white wedding. In August, Tonia broke the news that she was already three months pregnant and I was over the moon with joy and informed our families that we would be tying finalising everything for the marriage and a date was fixed for December 19. But on October 28, Tonia decided to make me look like the greatest fool on earth. I had traveled to Abuja where I spent five days on an official assignment and when I came back, a neighbour told me that my pregnant fiancée told him she was traveling to her town to see her mother and handed me a letter. I was somehow worried because she did not tell me she was tarveling. But on opening the letter, Tonia wrote that she had traveled to London to be with her that same boyfriend who dumped her, describing him as her only true love. She also said I should not worry about the child as the man has agreed to adopt him. How wicked can some women be? I have been devastated and have even thought of committing suicide.

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