Five things you wear that make you look older - 4 years ago

Inasmuch as it a given that no one would purposely wear what would him or her look older, there are still women out there who fall into this trap. You know why? Because these women always put comfort at the expense of style and finesse. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Here five (5) you should absolutely not be caught dead wearing. Cardigans Calm down; I know the weather can get really cold at times but that is not an excuse for looking matronly. You could still ward off the cold and look chic at it. Cardigans are loose fitting clothes that do nothing for your figure. Consider blazers and jackets instead. Baggy jeans Come on! This is obviously out of date but I still come across some die-hards who love these. It makes you look like you are wearing a sack or their husbands’ trousers. If you are looking for something comfortable to quickly dash to the market, you could wear sweatpants but jeans are not meant to be baggy anymore. Comfy shoes Oh yes, I agree that they are super comfortable but goodness, those rubber, wide soles that most of them have are just ugly (no offense if you have one). Wedged heels are just as comfortable and guess what- they are stylish as well. They don’t have to be high to be fashionable; they should simply not look like you borrowed them from the props of a black and white movie. Too much makeup You may be trying to look youthful but the reverse happens when you overdo it. There is a fine line between stylishly outrageous and over the top. Remember that less is more. Dull colours Always consider your complexion when choosing your outfits. Some colours like gray will age you. Stick to bright happy colours or lukewarm ones like blue.

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