Simple Natural Tricks To Make Your man-hood Look Bigger - 4 years ago

If you’re insensitive about the size of your man-hood, here are natural ways to make it look bigger without any medical repercussion whatsoever. Either knowingly or not. Men are sensitive about the size of their penises, it may look like he isn’t bothered about it but it’s a common fear among men especially when with a new partner. Telling a man that his man-hood is little is one of the worst things you can say to him. Insecurities about man-hood sizes can be a big bother, in his mind he can be wondering if she thinks his member is too small. Men are insensitive in this regard and funny thing those are men who have average size dicks. How about men who have micro penises, that’s different kettle of fish. Having a small man-hood or even worse a tiny man-hood can be a tricky affair, it isn’t something that you can open up about in a meeting. You cannot go, “I like your dress, the color suits you. I have a small man-hood.” And if you keep information about it till the night when you’re about to have s*x, then it seems like a crime, you’re withholding valuable information. With the bold chants from ladies on social media crying about liking big dicks, guys with small dicks are not given any chance. However, one man stands different, Ant Smith is not shy about the fact that he has a small man-hood, he offers the information freely to people. Not only isn’t he shy about it, he also went ahead to write a book about the darn thing that he titled, “The Small man-hood Bible”. He also been invited on TV to speak about his book amongst other things. His man-hood fully erect is 4 inches long, which is just 1 inch short of an average man-hood. While speaking on This Morning TV show, he called out to other men who were short in the man-hood department not to be ashamed. It can be a sad thing for a man with a small man-hood, it takes a lot of courage to tell your It can be a sad thing for a man with a small man-hood, it takes a lot of courage to tell your partner. (Getty Images) He also advised “There’s a couple of things that definitely work, one is control of weight. “As you put weight on, all of that gets buried. That can make up to a couple of centimetres difference.” This is actually right, if there is a lot of weight around your private parts, this can make it small, by trimming down the weight around your man-hood, and it can appear bigger. If you’re overweight, with your beer belly hanging dangerous over your crotch, your man-hood might be lost in that fat. Another method is to trim the bush around your man-hood, with all the bush around your tool. It can make it appear small. So, with the simple method of shaving your pubic hair, your schlong can look bigger and longer than it actually is.

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