Dan’s Escape From Friend-Zone - 4 years ago

Dan and I have been friends for a long time but we never moved forward until one glorious day, it all changed, he surprised me so much with skills of his mouth. What is better than a life well spent? Who wouldn’t want a good life? Would you spit out good meal when served one? Who takes wealth and affluence and throws it away? Who will want to come into life a less privileged if given the chance to bargain with the creator? This and many more are the unanswered questions that lies deep down in my heart. There’s nothing I haven’t done to experience inner peace and be on the giving side but nothing I do seems to work out. Every technique I try hits a road block and I’m back to square one. I was pretty privileged when I was a kid but life snatched that from me and I survived at people’s mercy, I became a trash that everyone throws stuff at. I just wanted fulfilment but I guess life thought me the hard way that you snatch whatever you want and by all means stay happy. I’m a very beautiful young woman who turns the head of men everywhere I go unintentionally. My curves and beautiful face always gives me away even in the shabbiest clothes, men ogle me all the time right from my teen days but they were the least of my problems so I stayed away from them. Mum taught me that men were bag of problems if associated with at an unripe age so I held on to that and ran away from men. I always convinced myself that it isn’t the right time to associate with them yet, I basked in this lie that I didn’t realize I was almost leaving my prime. I was living a lie and I didn’t even notice. Whilst in school I was loved by all because of my high IQ, free spiritedness and care free attitude but what I didn’t realize is that my popularity attracted tones of enemies. I had snakes as friends and I didn’t even realize it until… ‘Hello beautiful, can I join you?’ ‘Hi, sure you can’ I replied the cute dude that came to me in the school garden. The property belongs to the school so who am I to tell him not to sit on it. He sat down and I continued with what I was doing on my phone before he came, minutes into his coming in he chipped in ‘ I see you a fan of LJ Smith, that’s great, I’m a fan too and what intrigues me more is the fact most of her books has been turned into movies.’ ‘Oh’ I replied without looking up ‘Yea, aside The Secret Circle, The Originals intrigue me more, Niklaus does it for me and I feel Marcel is more like him even though he tries to cover it with kindness.’ He said “Marcellus is nothing like King Niklaus, if you don’t mind I’d love some peace and quiet as I finish up my assignment, thank you.’ I replied coldly. He laughed and said ‘I guess I’d just have to sit and enjoy the sound of your breathing, though I could barely hear it but it’s very melodious, I’m Dan by the way.’ ‘Mr. Dan feel free to enjoy the environment alone as for me, I’m leaving here.’ With that I packed my books and left. Weeks later I was stepping out of my apartment one Sunday afternoon to go get groceries when I ran into someone and knocked his stuff to the floor, I quickly bent down picked the stuff up and standing up to apologize. I was about to apologize to the guy from the school garden few weeks ago. I handed him his stuff back, muttered an apology and left. He walked very fast behind me till he caught up with me ‘Oga, I just apologized nah, what else do you want from me?’ ‘Just one thing.’ ‘Which is?’ ‘Have a drink with me and I won’t disturb you again.’ I looked at him for a little while and shouted ‘fine!’ ‘Oh great, I’d pick you up by 7pm later’ We had our first drink, the second, third, fourth and it became a regular thing, we became so close like ying and yang. We were close friends or so I thought, we practically do everything together, he would pick me before classes and drop me off afterwards. We went to the market together we cook together, we attend functions together, we did all these together except get intimate. I always thought he was joking each time he demands for a kiss or any form of intimacy, which I decline and brush off anyway. This went on for some time and I noticed his attitude towards me changed. He became withdrawn and cold towards me. I confided in one of my friends the closest of them all and she offered to go talk to him. But when wasn’t telling me anything reasonable after meeting with him, I decided to confront him myself. I called him and informed him I was outside his house and he should come open up. He did and let me in after which I asked him to spill and tell me what his issue with me was, there and then he told me straight up that he isn’t getting any cookie as every good boyfriend should ‘Wow! You met a girl? You didn’t even tell me about her, oya sit down and tell me who this girl is so I can talk to her and ask her why she would deny my bestie s*x.’ He gave me this bizarre look and said ‘You f**king with me?’ ‘No I’m not’ I innocently replied ‘Wait, you mean to tell me you’ve been leading me on? That all the time, effort and money I spent on you were just useless? That I’ve been friend zoned the whole time? Busy grooming you for another dude to come reap where he did not sow?’ ‘Dan, see I don’t know what you are saying, you just like a brother to me, and you don’t expect me to date my brother now do you? Woah I’m sorry if I led you on and think I should leave before things get out of hand.’ I said and grabbed my bag but alas he closed up to me with an inch away from my face. He kissed me, and it strangely felt good. He swept me off my feet and put me on the sofa. We began to make out, he was grabbing every part of my body, my neck, my jaw, my b**bs, my love handles, my thighs. He was everywhere all at once, the passion was absolutely incredible. He must have been thinking of this for a very long time. It felt good, and I was soaking wet down in my pants. I wasn’t sure of why this was happening, I never felt this way about him. I liked him, in fact liked him a lot, but not anything intimate. I think it was the swift movement when I was about to leave. That kiss definitely doesn’t feel like a brother’s kiss at all, never had one before but this one was darn sweet. It was easy for him to free my b**bs from the flare dress I wore. Damn, he does know how to work b**bs, his touches were delivering magnificent key strokes into my brain. ‘Dan please stop’ I said, as everything seemed to be moving too fast. He was perfectly dressed while I had my b**bs out, my legs apart. He stopped and I wanted to gather my thoughts, I shut my eyes and tried to speak but words failed me as my breathing was heavily labored. I wanted him to stop and also didn’t want him to stop, it was a clash of emotions. He continued, rubbing his soft hands all over my laps, massaging my thighs from my knees upwards, and slowly his fingers found my inner thighs, and began to tease. Boy! He knew how to work his fingers,it was good, then he got bolder, and removed my pants. I tried to stop him again but I didn’t, I also wanted to feel the next thing, my panties went off, and he head relocated from my b**bs to my honeypot. He licked all the surface area around my coochie, biting them softly, I was breathing fast like i was jogging. The tension was building, then his lips started, kissing it, tongue tip softly grazing my clit. I began twisting and turning. I loved him treating me like a queen but I had to stop him. “Dan, you have to stop” I said. He stopped and came face to face, his body hovering over me. “What is wrong?” He asked The reason why I didn’t want to sleep with him, I was about to tell him. “Dan, we cannot continue this” “Why?” “I’m a virgin, Dan”

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