Nurse Bimbo Has Her Ways Of Treating patients - 4 years ago

Bimbo is a kind nurse who likes to take care of her patients, Musa was brought in severely wounded but his tool is impressively massive and she is interested in. Bimbo walked into the hospital room looking at the patient that had come out of his coma earlier in the day. His entire upper body was bandaged. His arms were broken. The man had been involved in a ghastly car accident several days earlier. His car had collided with another bus. He had suffered from horrible cuts over his upper body, broken both arms, and a shock that had left him in coma for 48 hours. Bimbo looked at him, her eyes tearing up with compassion. She would say a prayer for Musa tonight before slipping into bed beside her husband, Mike. She hadn’t been a nurse for long and Musa was the most tragic patient she had seen. Bimbo pulled the bed sheet off Musa’s legs and lifted up his gown as she turned to squeeze out a sponge. She turned back and froze, staring at Musa’s crotch. Hairs under Musa’s navel formed an arrow pointing straight at an incredibly large man-hood. Soft, it was longer and thicker than Mike’s. It dangled between his legs raised by two equally large testicles. She had given over a dozen men sponge baths and none of their penises compared with Musa’s. Bimbo began running the sponge down his legs, staring at his huge man-hood the whole time. She ran the sponge over his abdomen and then down his huge man-hood. As she stroked it, his man-hood grew until it was rising up off the mattress. It continued to grow, rising off his testicles until it was pointing towards the ceiling at least twelve full inches long and as thick as her wrist. It stood proudly for close to a minute before falling with a thump on his stomach. Being new at the hospital, Bimbo had preferred the night shift. It reduced her time with Mike since they had conflicting shifts and they rarely saw each other. Bimbo was 26 years and had been married two years. She and Mike had tried to start a family right after their wedding, but it had turned out Mike had a low sperm count and it was doubtful she would conceive. Now they rarely had s*x, which was fine with her since she found it unrewarding and messy in the first place. Now staring at Musa’s monster man-hood, she wondered if she had been missing out on something. “What ya name?” Musa hissed out through his teeth, obviously in pain. “Bimbo.” “Call me Musa.” “I know Musa. Just let me finish your bath.” Bimbo reached out and grabbed the shaft of his man-hood and ran the sponge down the hard, thick length. Even wearing the glove, it felt warm in her hand and it pulsed with each beat of his heart. The head turned angry red and enlarged even larger. Reluctantly, she finished and released it. “Please, I wan release,” said Musa. “Look my man-hood.” His monster man-hood was hard as a rock and it laid flat against his stomach. The big, round head reached all the way to his bandages which ended above the man’s navel. It was swollen and covered in veins. “Does it hurt?” she asked taking off her gloves “Ehn,” hissed the man. “It hurts. I need c*m.” “I’m sorry,” she said. “Abeg, Help me,” he pleaded. “What can I do?” “Sssuck am.” Bimbo crumpled her nose in disgust. “I’m a married woman,” she said holding up her hand to show the ring. “And I don’t do that, even for my husband.” “Then jerk me off.” “I said, I’m married.” “It’s no cheating to jerk it. Please help me. It hurts o,” the man said twisting his hips. “I am in pain. Abeg” Seeing the man in pain broke Bimbo’s heart. “What do I do?” “Just stroke it.” “Alright, if it helps you recover, but I’m wearing a glove.” Bimbo retrieved her surgical gloves and pulled them on her hands. She couldn’t believe she was actually going to do this, but then she had never seen a man who needed to get off this bad. Musa wasn’t expected to pull through and if she could do this one small thing to help a dying man, she would. She decided to just be impassionate and stroke him off. It shouldn’t last more than a few minutes. Bimbo wet her glove with some liquid soap from the bathroom and returned to Musa’s side. She grabbed the base of his big man-hood and pulled it upright. She grabbed the head with her right hand and slid it down to the base. She moved her hand back up and began stroking him. “Yesss,” groaned Musa. “You like this?” she asked smiling at him. “Is this making you feel better?” “Yesss, feelsss good. Ssstroke that big man-hood.” Bimbo quit talking after that and stared at his man-hood…no monster man-hood. Monster seemed more appropriate for something so big. His man-hood looked longer than her arm and she swapped arm as she rapidly stroked him and then switched back as her left arm tired quickly. After about fifteen minutes Musa’s man-hood seemed to grow even larger, the head was hardening and the veins swelling up. She leaned forward, captivated just as his slit opened and spit out a huge portion of sperm. Bimbo closed her eyes just as the long thread of sperm sprayed across her face. She held them closed and squeezed her face, keeping her eyes shut and her mouth closed as another hot c*m splashed on her lips and chin. Bimbo opened her eyes when she felt it was safe in time to see a jet of sperm shoot up three inches before falling down the sides of his man-hood. Sperm continued to flow out of the head reminding her of a volcano. She stroked forwards a couple times to milk the rest of his sperm out before running to the bathroom. The strong aroma of his sperm assaulted her nose. She held her mouth shut for fear of sperm dripping into her mouth. She hadn’t expected a baptism; her face was over far from his man-hood when he came. She looked in the mirror and quickly cleaned herself up. Sperm was in her hair and some had stained her collar. She made sure it was all gone before breathing through her mouth again. Bimbo returned to his side after cleaning herself. Musa’s man-hood had shrunk to about eight inches and his crotch area was surrounded by sperm. She cleaned the mess up with the sponge before leaving. He was breathing heavily having passed out from the exertion.

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