See 7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Might Be Just Living Fake Lifes Like Dammy Krane - 4 years ago

Most Nigerian Celebrities are living flamboyant and show-off life, that get one wondering if they are actually the owner of the luxury they flaunt. The Dammy Krane’s arrest in Miami for an alleged credit card theft and fraud has raised a question on the seemingly rich lifestyle displayed by Nigerian celebrities on their social media accounts. An American private jet service company, TapJets have reportedly set to pursue the course of justice for Dammy Krane’s crime of booking a jet using a stolen credit card. Nigerians are more curious than ever on the assumed wealthy lifestyle of Nigerian celebrities especially the singers who boast of crazy account balances, expensive diamond crusted jewelries, wads of thousand of dollar bills on the bed/bag, and of course, a private jet selfie to complement their story of success. Here is a list of singers who have shared photos of their private jet lifestyle to evoke feelings of want in their fans. And who knows, maybe they aren’t as financially buoyant as they make their fans think. 1. Dammy Krane The singer is of course first on the list. His alleged booking of a private jet with stolen credit card started the whole controversy 2. Wizkid Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known by his stage name, Wizkid is Another singer whose private jet lifestyle is well documented on his social media account.The way he has been flying private jets since the early days of his music career will leave ou asking if he manufacture them or what. Anyway, thanks to his former label Empire Mates Entertainment boss, Segun Demuren,who is also a Managing Director and CEO of EAN Aviation. 3. Davido What comes to mind when you come across the DMW boss’ name is ‘Thirty Billion for Account’.Yes! Yes! We know he has loads of money, of course he does but what most fans don’t know is, where the chunk of these monies he flaunts come from and if you don’t, google Adeleke. Remember September 2016, he signed Dammy Krane into DMW after Dammy was released by 2face’s Hypertek Digital.. Well, fast forward 8 months later… Dammy gets into a fraud case. 4. K Cee This singer and the word ‘show off’ have become synonymous. Cash, expensive jewelry, outfits, cars, and finally private jet flaunting, he has done it all. The question is, are these things he flaunts, his or his brother’s? 5. Dbanj Dbanj loves to show off his affluence on the Instagram and that is known by everyone especially his fans. Couple of times, he has been dragged to the media about owing, some months back it was said that he was owing a landlord of one of his rented property in Lagos. Also, rumour has it that the house he poses with as his, in the USA, really isn’t his but his friend’s.. 6. Runtown The mad over you crooner has been in the news lately, more than ever. After he released his track, Mad Over You, which absolutely went viral worldwide, he decided to buy himself a “Lambo”, which supposedly cost him N150million.. But do you really know the A – Z about this? As Okwudili Umenyiora, he knows better.. So before then, cut your coat according to your size ehn! 7. Efe Celebrity newcomer joined the private jet gang barely a month after his confirmed celebrity status.

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