Doctor donates blood to his sick, pregnant patient - 4 years ago

​A young doctor has done the unusual by donating blood to one of his very sick patients whose blood group matches his. The Kenyan doctor, Wesonga Habil, narrates that during his electives in 2016, he managed a pregnant patient who had developed eclampsia. Eclampsia is a rare but serious condition where high blood pressure results in seizures during pregnancy Habil’s patient, who had been billed to deliver via a Caesarean Section, had been anaemic and needed urgent blood transfusion to sail through. Habil says, “She was anaemic and needed urgent blood transfusion for emergency Caesarean Section. I donated my blood and later scrubbed in for her CS.” The woman and her baby survived the delivery process. To show her appreciation to her kind doctor, the grateful woman named her newborn baby after the doctor, Wesonga Habil.” Habil had narrated the encounter on his Facebook wall, urging the Kenyan authorities to provide improved healthcare for the people.

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