I Could Not Practice My Growing Sluttiness With Alhaji My Husband…Until I Met Ibrahim - 4 years ago

“Take off your clothes,” he said. I knew what was coming. I could already see that his cock was getting ready again, I had just sucked him off and swallowed his huge load of c*m but his cock was already half turgid once more. He was the type of man who could come many times. Exactly the kind of man I like, so I quickly stood up and began stripping out of my clothes. I saw his eyes almost bulge out as he looked at my large b**bs which had been hidden by the loose kaftan I was wearing. “No, don’t remove your Hijab’’ He commanded as I made to take off my head covering ‘’I have been fantasising about f**king a woman clad in hijab for a very long time’’ he said as he looked at my exposed lush body. I am not fat just curvy in all the right places and not to sound vain, I know that I have got a beautiful body. “Beautiful,” he said. “I almost didn’t believe the pictures of them.” My p*ssy grew warm under his admiring stare as I remembered that I had been made to send unclad pictures to this man. I felt a subconscious shame from deep within me but at the same time I felt flushes as I peeled off my only item of clothing remaining, a flimsy panties that was just a piece of gauze, I had followed my pimp’s instructions to the letter. By the time I finished undressing and stood in front of him in nothing more than my white hijab, I saw that his cock was nodding hard again, with precum covering the tip. “Baby!” he gasped. As he moved closer to me and placed my hands on his cock. I touched his cock and felt it jump underneath my fingers. I shivered as his hand went up the back of my thighs and touched my full buttocks. “I want to put my tongue in your c**t,” he said. “Oh yes,” I said. “I want that, too.” He drew me closer and I felt his hot tongue touching my thighs. I quickly spread my thighs farther apart and bent a little backward. I opened up the pink lips of my already dripping c**t to his tongue. I had come to relish being eaten, Ibrahim’s pimping me out has opened my eyes to a lot of s*xual pleasure that I did not know existed. Even if I could not practice my growing sluttiness with Alhaji my husband, I had lots of ready customers who were ready to take me to heights hitherto unknown sexually. His tongue flickered on my clit and swiped to my c**t hole licked away the juices already pooling there and then his tongue slipped up inside me. “Oooooh,” I gasped. “That feels good. That feels so nice!” His tongue touched my clit and made a spasm of excitement shake my body. He used his tongue and lips on my clit until she was weak with desire, screaming wantonly as I held his head tightly and clamped it to my gripping p*ssy with my thighs in a vice. He pried his head lose of my strangle hold and then shoved two fingers inside my p*ssy hole, finger f**king me rapidly with them even as his tongue continued to suck on my stiff clit, causing me to scream as my climax exploded through my body. The man kept sucking and sucking all the juices my body was producing even as I was bucking up and down and would have fallen off the bed if not for his hands that held my thighs tightly. My climax gradually slowed down and I was released, I could now see the world but I wanted more. “I can’t stand it any more,” I moaned. “I need your cock. I want a big cock inside me.” as I writhe from side to side. “Sure, baby,” he said. He stood up and took a cd from the bedside drawer, rolled it on his turgid cock and climbed on top of me. He entered into me quickly, exactly what I wanted, his big cock sliding smoothly into my hot wet hole. His hands went underneath my a*s and he began to squeeze me in rhythm to his deep strokes. “Oh oh oh oh oh,” I screamed. “I need that. I needed it so bad!” That was all the cue he needed as he began to f**k me savagely. “Lift your legs,” he said. I knew what he wanted and I quickly lifted my long thick legs and wrapped them around his buttocks. He wasn’t satisfied with that and he withdrew his cock. “No,” I begged. “Don’t stop. I need your cock inside me.” “I’m not stopping, baby,” he said. Knelling between my wide open thighs as he took my legs and pushed them up above my head. I had never been in that position before. It was both degrading and exciting, but I welcomed and loved it. I had grown so depraved within the last eight months or so that I was willing, very willing to try and do anything that would give me s*xual satisfaction. His finger traced the outline of my swollen p*ssy lips. “Damn!!!!,” he said. “You’ve got a beautiful c**t, puffy and well used.” “Then f**k it,” I begged him, totally losing all control or dignity I was supposed to have. My p*ssy was itching seriously and the only thing that could cure the itch was a cock. I needed that f**k as if it was the last breath I would draw. “Put your big cock back in me, please” I pleaded in lust. He positioned himself again at the entrance of my c**t and I felt that wonderful hard cock sliding back into my warm insides. He went deeper than before. He felt as if he were going to come out my mouth. I rocked back and forth as he went into me as far as he could go. “Hnnnnhgggggg,” I moaned incoherently. “Oh, that feels so good. So deep!” Once more he began to drive his pulsating cock savagely into my c**t. I could hear the soft sounds his balls made as the twin sacs slammed against my a*s. my c**t tightened against his cock in hot excitement, my awakened c**t muscles gripped and massaged his cock causing him to groan and slam into me harder and faster. It felt like his cock would burst an organ due to the intensity and speed with which he was slamming into my depth. “Ohohhhhhhhh,” I moaned. “I can’t hold back. IT FEELS SO GOODDDDDDD!” as my p*ssy convulsed and I felt the build up from deep inside my body reach a crescendo that I could not hold on to. Like a vice my p*ssy tightened and gripped his cock and then my climax exploded and I saw stars as c*m gushed out of my p*ssy to bath his cock.

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