Story: I Could Not Practice My Growing Sluttiness With Alhaji My Husband…Until I Met Ibrahim II - 4 years ago

‘’Whoreeeeeeeeeeee’’ I heard him scream from afar off ‘’take it slut, take it, take my c*m’’ he grunted and panted with his thrusts increasing in hardness as he slammed ferociously into me one last time and spilled his load causing me to c*m again as my p*ssy tried to milk him dry of all the c*m he had in his sac. Then he fell on top of me gasping and panting as he let go of my legs. I was panting too. A few minutes later he rolled off me and in a jiffy was sound asleep. I lay there looking at the ceiling and then between my still spread legs to see my puffy red p*ssy lips from the pounding it had received slowly closing up. My life flashed through my eyes. But before I could dwell on it, my customer woke up, climbed on top of me again and sucked on my b**bs for about thirty minutes, and then dragged me to the bathroom where we had a shower together after giving him a blow job still in my hijab. My p*ssy tingled as I worked his cock again but he was too spent to get it up and said he had to go. ‘’I’ve never f**ked a sophisticated lady like you before and I must say that you a very good f**k. I hope to see you again. I will make the arrangements with Ibrahim, here’s a tip’’. So saying he threw a wad of bills on the table and left the hotel room. I looked at the bills and estimated shrewdly that it couldn’t be more than fifty thousand naira. I smiled. In my own rights I am a millionaire, apart from the fact that I am married to a very rich business man and have businesses of my own both here in Nigeria and in Oman. I didn’t need the paltry sum the man whose name I didn’t know but had just f**ked me and I had sucked his c*m down my throat threw on the table. I could buy him and his wealth ten times over. But I was a whore, a pimped out housewife who had been entrapped by a pimp and who now has no choice but to be a whore for all and anyone Ibrahim wants me to f**k. But I’m loving my new life as his whore! I am a lady in her late twenties with two kids. I got married quite early actually, in my teens. I had my children before I was twenty, then my husband asked me to go back to school as I was in SS2 when my parents married me off to him and as a good Hausa girl, I had to agree. My husband is older than me with almost fifteen years and has a first wife. However, she is based in the states with her children as that is where most of my husband’s business are. He decided to marry another wife when he decided to go into politics in Nigeria. The politics thing didn’t work out as well as he had expected but he had transferred a few of his businesses here and so spends like half the year in Nigeria. It wasn’t that I lacked his attention or anything, just that fate dealt me a cruel hand. My husband had deflowered me and satisfied me sexually as best he could. I didn’t know I was missing anything as there was no other experience to compare with. After having my second child, my husband decided that I should go back to school and so I had to write SSCE and UTME. Fortunately, I came out with flying colours in both as I had been a brilliant student before I was pulled out of school. My second child, a girl, was just past three years of age when I gained admission to the university to study economics. It was my husband’s choice as he wanted me to be handling some of his business interests. It was in the university that I met Ibrahim during my second year. He had transferred to Economics from another faculty and I liked him the moment I set eyes on him. The feeling was mutual because he started sitting close to me in class to assist. But it was common knowledge to everyone in our department that I was a married woman. There wasn’t any outside meet ups as my husband’s driver would drive me to school and wait until the end of lectures to take me home. But we liked each other. This continued till our final year when I had to come to school one day to read for my final exams as my elder wife was around with her four kids and the house was too noisy for me to read. So Alhaji told the driver to take me to school and bring me back later. Because it was exams period, a lot of the smaller classrooms were empty and the students were either reading in their hostels or the library. I wasn’t a library person, so I got me a secluded corner in one of the small classroom and was busy reading when Ibrahim came inside and sat beside me. The only other person in the classroom was sitting in the front. We were sitting so close together that I could feel the heat from his body and the scent of his cologne made me giddy with desire that i dint know i had in me. Soon I felt his hands on my thigh and I could do nothing. I wanted the touch. Before I knew what was happening, Ibrahim had slide my kaftan up and his hand was on my bare thigh, while his other hand rubbed my bosom through the material of the dress. He kept this up for over thirty minutes until the only other person in the classroom got up and left, leaving me alone with him. I looked up and looked into his eyes and that was all the invitation he needed as he crushed his lips to mine in a hard kiss that went on and on and on, leaving me breathless and panting when we finally pulled apart. Then he slide the hand that was already on my thigh into my crotch and pushed aside my panty, sliding one, then two fingers inside my steaming hot p*ssy! feelings I never knew existed flowed through my body. It felt like an electric current had been passed from the inside of my p*ssy to my entire body and I was shaking and moaning and my moans grew louder and louder as he finger f**ked me. Then he bent his head and placed his lips on mine again to stifle the moans which had grown to a loud crescendo from escaping my lips. I was in another world, I couldn’t explain or describe the feeling. I only knew it was sweeter than anything Alhaji had ever done to me. A still sane part of me whispered that I was committing adultery, that I would be stoned to death if caught. But another side, which finally dominated, kept asking me if I didn’t like the feeling, if I wanted it to stop. If I was content to go through life not to know this feeling, not to keep experiencing it? That wanton part won as I let go, not caring if anyone came in and saw us. Fluid was pouring out of my p*ssy in gallons as Ibrahim shoved his fingers ever deeper inside my p*ssy and rubbed it back and forth and also circular. Then a giant wave washed over me and it felt as if I had died and gone to paradise. It had never ever been like that with Alhaji! Never ever! I screamed but no sound came out as my eyes rolled over in my head and I lost consciousness. Then I opened my eyes a few minutes later to feel Ibrahim manoeuvring me to sit on his laps, his cock was already out and stand erect. Furtively, he positioned me on his bare hard cock and placing his hands on my waist, moved me up and down, up and down. His cock entering my raw p*ssy felt like a hot rod impaling me. Soon, without even thinking consciously about it, I started moving on Ibrahim’s cock of my own volition. We were both so carried away that if anyone had come into that classroom at that time, we would have been caught red handed. Fortunately nobody came and Ibrahim too must have been well aroused by his ministrations on my p*ssy because in a short while but still much longer than my husband takes, he was pumping his sperm deep inside my p*ssy and my p*ssy was clenching and unclenching on his cock as I came too. Then realisation came crashing down on me and I quickly got off him, adjusted my panties as another man’s sperm swarm in my p*ssy and the excess flowed out my c**t lips to tickle down my thigh. I felt so ashamed of what I had just done. Ibrahim tried to hold my hand as I packed my books but I pushed him away and ran out the door to the toilet to try and wash the feel of my unfaithfulness out of my c**t. But each time my fingers touched my p*ssy lips, my body would give a shudder and I would remember the feel of Ibrahim’s fingers deep inside of me. To cut a long story short, I avoided Ibrahim after that till we graduated and went our separate ways. I never cheated on my husband again after that but at the same time I never forgot the feel of Ibrahim’s fingers and cock inside of me. In fact several times with Alhaji I would close my eyes and imagine it was Ibrahim f**king me. Things were like that until eight months ago, about two years after graduation, when I met Ibrahim again, or do I say my waterloo. I had gone to the market for some materials. Maybe because I was more matured or Alhaji feels he could trust me now, I drive myself in town with the driver driving only if I have to go out of town. I was putting what I bought in the boot of the car when I saw a familiar figure in the car beside mine. On closer inspection I saw that it was Ibrahim and I called out his name. We were so happy to see each other that we lingered and talked for almost two hours but as much as the thought of our last meeting was at the surface of our talk, none of us could bring him/herself to talk about it. He told me he came to do some things in town and was staying in a hotel not too far from the market and asked if I wanted to see. With misgivings but with a strange compulsion, I said yes. I locked my car and got into his, following him to his hotel room. As we got out the car and climbed to his floor, the misgivings I had felt earlier came back again. “I don’t know why I came,” I said. Ibrahim didn’t answer as he opened the door and ushered me inside. I brushed past him and looked for a place to sit down. I chose the chair farthest from the bed. Yet, I couldn’t help giving the bed nervous glances. “You seem nervous’’ he said ‘’You don’t have anything to fear. Would you like a drink?” “Yes, please” I answered He took out two chilled cans of malt from the fridge and brought me one. I took the drink with trembling fingers, suddenly feeling shivers go through me as his fingers touched mine. Coming here was such a bad idea. I could already feel my bosoms hardening and my pants wet! I nervously opened the can and took a sip. Ibrahim had not moved away. Then I felt his hand touching me just below the knee. I could feel the heat from his hands through the material of my skirt. “Please,” I said. “I shouldn’t have come here. I just felt we should catch up more on old times. I…” my voice tapered off as I became lost for words. I knew why I had come. I was only deceiving myself if I said I did not know. He moved his hand to the inside of my leg just at the end of my skirt. I looked down at his hand petrified and at the same time excited, I could feel the thumping of my heart increase. He bent down and kissed me very softly on the lips. I felt his tongue brush my teeth but I wouldn’t open up. I tried to make my body stiff but I couldn’t control the shivers permeating my body. “You shouldn’t do that,” I said. “You came here for me to do this,” he said. I looked into his face and I knew his words were true. I had come here for this. I asked myself why. Alhaji made me happy. He satisfied me. Then why did I have this big attraction to this man, knowing fully well what would come of it. “I have to go,” I said, trying to get up from the chair. He kissed me again but this time it was a rough, demanding kiss and I had to open my mouth to him. I moaned softly when I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth and going into my throat. His hand caressed my knees and thighs but he still hadn’t gone up under my skirt. I found my eyes drawn to his crotch where I saw the huge bulge forming there. My mind and body remembered the feel of that bulge deep inside me as I sat on it in the classroom at school, the feel of the warm sperm that had spurted deep inside me and I felt a shiver run through me. My mouth was dry. I kept telling myself that I was a good wife, that I should get up and leave before things got started. I had done nothing wrong yet. Only a kiss. I could leave. I knew that I wouldn’t as he sat down on the edge of the bed. “Come here,” he said. I stood up and walked to him. He tugged me down unto his lap and I felt his hard bulge pressing against my buttocks. He kissed my throat softly, and then ran his tongue over my cheek and to my mouth. This time his lips were hungry and his tongue fondled my tongue roughly. I was breathing rapidly when he released me. Once more I looked down at myself and saw the edges of my green panties as his hand slowly crept up under my skirt and touched my p*ssy. “Oh no,” I said half-heartedly. “You shouldn’t do that. I shouldn’t let you.” I put my hand on his arm but I didn’t have the strength to push him away. His fingers touched my wet c**t through my wet panties. “You hot little slut,” he said. “You’re already cumming. I’ve f**ked so many women in the past two years but none of them as slutty or sweet or wet as you. Even when you protest, your body shouts yes, yes and your p*ssy screams it the loudest”. I felt like I was going to die of shame as my body reacted to his words and pulsed, begging for his touch, begging for his cock. My mouth was saying no but my body was screaming yes with all its breath. He pulled me back onto the bed on top of him. He bruised my mouth with hard kisses while his hands went underneath my skirt to cup my buttocks. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned softly. He pushed me over onto my back and his weight came down on top of me. His hands went to the zip of my blouse. I tried to stop him once more. It was too late. He peeled my blouse back to reveal my b**bs concealed in a green bra. “Stop,” I pleaded. “You don’t want me to stop,” he said. “You want me to f**k you. You have beautiful b**bs. I didn’t have the time to look at them properly the last time. Now I intend to feast on them.” He lifted me back and easily unsnapped my bra. He pulled it off me and I felt the cool air of the air conditioner against my unclad flesh. He tried to cup one b00b in his hand and began to softly massage it. “Succulent,” he kept whispering. “Really succulent.” He bent his head and his tongue flicked at my bosom. I felt it begin to ache with excitement. His hot mouth closed over it gently. I tried feebly to tug at his head but my fingers just simply ended up running through his shaved head while soft, guttural moans escaped my throat. He opened his mouth wider and more of my b00b was drawn into his hot mouth. He used his tongue and lips on my skin until I could hardly stand it. “Oh please ohhhhhhh,” I moaned. “Stop. Please stop.” I was not saying it loud enough or forcefully enough to matter. His lips and tongue caressed my b**bs until they were both swollen with lust. My skirt was up above my waist and I could feel his hard cock pressed against my thigh. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he took his cock out. Then he took my hand and pressed it against his stiff bulge. “Like that, Fateema?” he said. “I bet it’s the biggest one you’ve ever felt. Remember how it felt inside of you in the classroom? Remember it pouring c*m into your womb the way Alhaji’s cock never could?” I have never been so hot! Even that day in the classroom, the heat inside me was not as intense as this. It felt like I was going to explode anytime soon with the amount of heat inside of me. He pressed my hand harder against him and I felt his cock jump through his trousers. I hardly knew what I was doing as I reached for his zipper. Slowly I tugged it down and then reached inside for his cock. I found his hot cock bunched in his boxers and my fingers laced around the stem. “Pull it out, baby,” he insisted. “Pull it out.” I swallowed nervously as I tugged his immense rod out through the opening of his trousers. Again I felt the stiff prick jump excitedly in my fingers. I could suddenly feel my panties get even wetter, and my fingers were getting sticky as I moved them up and down on his cock. “Good,” he gasped. “You’ve learned.” I hadn’t really, I had never touched another man-hood before, not even Alhaji’s. I guess when sluttiness runs in the blood, one naturally learns these things. He rolled away from me and made me remove my hand. I wondered what he was doing but didn’t have to wait long to find out. He stri*ped out of his clothes quickly to reveal a hard, masculine body. My gaze fell to his massive balls and I shivered again as a loud gasp escaped me at the thought that I had ever had something that big inside me without even feeling any pain. He just smiled. “Take your panties off,” he said. “Please,” I said. “I can’t go through with this. I can’t do it.” I kept saying the things I knew I should say but was taking my panties off at the same time. I slid them down my legs and kicked them off. He licked his lips as he stared at my hairy p*ssy. “Hairy,” he said. “I like a bushy p*ssy. Spread your legs wide, Fateema. I’m ready to give you a sweet f**king, you know you want it, so stop pretending.” The coarse words coming out of his mouth instead of annoying me only excited me even more. A sweet f**king was what I wanted. I found myself spreading my legs apart and allowing him to look into the inner lips of my p*ssy. In fact, I was getting the more flushed as he gazed deeply into my exposed p*ssy. “You’ve got a beautiful c**t, firm and tight to the grip. I didn’t believe you had two kids that day I f**ked you” he said as he leaned across me. I felt two of his fingers massaging my juicy wet c**t. I moaned as I felt one of his fingers slipping inside of me.

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