I knew He Was watching Has I Got f**ked - 4 years ago

I don’t know if there’s any other girl like me o but I know I am an exhibitionist! It turns me on to be watched when I’m being f**ked! There’s this thrill I feel at the thought of someone watching or at the fear that anyone could just walk in on us and catch us in the act! Had many such sexcapedes in my undergrad days, in the Arts Theatre, lecture room, abe-igi etc, but those are tales for other days as today’s tale is about the time I did it in an office! For those of you familiar with broadstreet very well, You know where Union Bank is housed. The entire street is made up of High rise buildings in steel and glass facing one another. Union Bank was directly opposite such a building then and this my f**k mate was a staff of Union Bank (He isn’t there any longer, so don’t go looking for him…lol).My friend was on the fifth floor of the building and he had a window view directly to the office of the opposite building of the same floor and vice versa. He could see directly inside that office of the building as could someone in that same office as it was a floor to ceiling glass window. Almost all the buildings then were of similar designs, so the same way you could see into the opposite office, they could also see into yours especially if you were on the same floor or a couple of feet above. The view was not very very clear enough for one to identify the exact person except you knew them before but you could decipher all the movement and silhouette of anything taking place there. We had been f**king in his office for a while in the usual holding the desk, lying on the desk or me sitting on him positions previously before a fluke accident made me lean against the window in the upright position with legs spread and b**bs pressed against the glass panes during one of our s*xual sessions. This guy was hung! Tal and lithe with well-toned body but that was not the attraction. He was also very cultured and very intelligent and my p*ssy just waters when I meet intelligent guys! it’s a weakness I haven’t been able to do anything about! Although I myself don’t want to do anything about it. Apart from upstairs, my guy was also gifted downstairs! His cock was long, well over 7inches but a bit shy of eight inches. But the attraction for his cock was not for the length, it was for the girth! His cock was just a few inches less than 5inches in girth. It was full and when erect looked like the baton policemen used to brandish in those days before handguns became their favourite weapons and every Nigerian became a criminal in their sight. Anyways, back to my tory! This fateful day while f**king on one of the visitors chairs in his office, I had fleetingly seen a silhouette against the window pane of the building directly facing the one we were in. I was so carried away with the bliss of the moment however, that I didn’t think much of it or even give it any heed. The pleasure coursing through my body as I rode him reversed cowgirl was the only thing I could think of! After the f**k however, still half dressed with my skirt bunched together on my tummy and unclad, I walked over to the window and drew the curtains all the way and I realised that there was a figure actually standing on the other end looking directly at me! the features were obviously male but I could see the face but not a hundred percent clarity! Though I could discern the mouth open in wonder as he saw a girl with humongous b**bs and bald p*ssy leaning against an office window in the morning, just about past ten! The thought that someone might have been staring me at me even if just slightly while I was being f**ked sent a thrill down my spine and before I knew it I had c*m flowing from my p*ssy and trickling down my thighs! It so turned me on that I plastered my b**bs to the window pane and I saw the guy also press firmly forward as if to better view the sight. My guy sensed something was happening and came over to meet me by the windows, grabbing my waist and nestling his head against my shoulders. He asked what I was looking at and I told him to look directly ahead that he would see. He did and then laughed saying he knew one could see into the opposite office and that he knew the guy in the office and the guy knew him too. Then he threw a bombshell. Should we make his eyes bulge the more? He asked and I didn’t answer, couldn’t answer because the oestrogen flowing through my body at just that thought was enough to drown any male. He laughed heartily as I stepped about two feet away from the window and spreading my legs leaned forward by placing my palms on the glass for support. ‘slut’ he said, seeing my already dripping p*ssy as I presented it to him in the almost touch your toe position. In a jiffy his trousers were once again round his ankle as he brought out his cock and lined it up with my exposed p*ssy. I was looking straight at the face staring at me from across the street as my guy shoved his fat member straight into my p*ssy. I let out an involuntary shudder and a moan escaped my mouth in a well pronounced “O” which must have been very noticeable to our one man audience. I pushed back at him until he was properly lodged in my p*ssy, sitting comfortable in my depths. In slow motion, my guy proceeded to f**k my brains out while I just moaned and groaned and pressed my b**bs more firmly against the glass panes. We put up a very good show for our audience because it became obvious that my guy was also an exhibitionist who felt a thrill that someone was watching him f**k a girl in his office. He pounded into me very hard and fast and the fact that we had already f**ked twice earlier meant that he would last a long time before letting go his c*m. soon he had me raise one of my legs up on the glass which was an uncomfortable position that could not be sustained for long. But we made the most of the little time as my nether region was exposed for the guy to see. In my delirium, I managed to open my eyes and look at our spectator and I could see his left hand inside his trouser pocket stroking himself. Our s*x scene was really getting to him. After a long time of continuous thrust and groans, my guy was ready to spill his load and pulled his cock out of my sodden wet p*ssy, pushing my shoulders down in a gesture that signified getting on my knees which I quickly did. Then he shoved his cock in my mouth and proceeded to face f**k me for about half a minute before gruntingly spilling his load down my throat which I promptly swallowed, then made sure to properly lick his cock clean of all residues before letting it plop out of my mouth. Looking up and at the other window, we saw that the guy had his cock in his hand and was pumping away furiously as he tried to bring himself to climax. So I decided to give him something to help him along. Placing the visitors chair facing the window, I sat on it and raised my legs on to the chair seat, then spread my knees and thighs exposing my dripping p*ssy. Then I proceeded to finger f**k myself thoroughly making sure to once in a while scoop up juice from my drenched p*ssy into my lips and lick my fingers clean. All the while I was doing this I kept watching the guy in the opposite office while my guy stood behind me caressing my heaving b**bs. It was such a turn on for me, to be watched by two men, one a total stranger whose face I could not properly recognise, as I played with myself. Then I noticed him jerking more furiously on his cock and then I lost all control as a huge climax wracked my body and I spewed c*m all over the place. He had obviously c*m but still stood there watching as I got shakily up and then blew him a kiss. That marked a turning point in my relationship with my friend as subsequently we would specifically put up a show for the guy in the opposite building each time we f**ked. Our spectator was also a very smart guy (or did my friend tell him? I don’t care really) as he kept perfect track of my visiting time and would always be at his window ready for the free view each time I went visiting. We would also always put up a good show for him by leaving the curtains undrawn so that he could have unfettered view. Afterwards he would wank off while I played with myself or sucked my guy. It had to end though, when my friend got posted to another branch. I never did get to see the guy’s face close-up.

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