The Friend With Benefits - 4 years ago

Ever since Ola got my number he has being calling me like his life depended on it, it’s barely a week to his first call and an onlooker will swear with the way he calls me that we’ve known each other for ages, anytime he sounds so mushy on me I’d just laugh on the inside, he even told Dan that he had me wrapped around his fingers and soon we were going to shag after which he will bounce. Lol he wants to play the short con scam, fine! Bring it on Ola. I called him later at night that day and set up a meeting with him, we agreed at a location my house precisely, yea if we are going to shag then it must be my place and I’m going to get my friend involved. The D day came and he came through at the appropriate time, I must confess he looks good and he’s charisma is breathtaking. I’m not going to spend my time drooling over how he looks lest he starts counting himself too important, with that I ushered him to my room, since we both want s*x there is no need sitting in the sitting room with him. I offered him a drink whilst I excused myself to the bathroom leaving the door open, standing in front of my bathroom mirror I started undressing with ease, first I took off the bath suit I was putting on and let it drop sexily from my shoulder to my ankles then I unstrapped my bra and removed each of the handle by brushing my hand from my neck down to shoulder where the handle is and taking it with me while running the hand all the way down to my wrist, after which I was left with my g-string pant on. I knew he was watching so I put on a good show, I proceeded to take off my panties, I put my hands on my waist and held on to the pant band then I gently and slowly bent my bum in the most seductive way moving the piece down to my knees and all the way to my ankle then gradually took each of my legs out of it while trying to stand erect. I stood erect only to get a chilled kiss on my ear lobe, I gasped and turned he was behind me with lust fully loaded in his eyes. He ran his fingers through my hair and drew me closer to his lips. With got locked in a deep kiss, we savoured each other’s lips hungrily, I know Dan and I have got a connection but this with Ola is something else, he took his lips from my mouth and planted tiny kisses from my jaw till he got to my t*ts. I was just whimpering, the pleasure was too much for me to handle. He eventually stopped teasing my t*ts and knelt down and kissed my p*ssy lips, a soft moan escaped my lips before I could say jack he lifted me up and dumped me on the bed, he knelt down placed his head in-between my legs and started eating me out. Truthfully I have never been eaten like this before jeez!!! This guy is so good at eating p*ssy. He continued eating me till I was about to c*m then he stopped, I begged him to continue but he refused, he undressed freeing his already hard massive man-hood. I took the man-hood into my mouth and started working on it but each time I get this close in getting him to c*m he will pull out, I still continued till he tapped me to come up, I straddled him just as he requested and he started thrusting, I tried to slow him down and move at my own pace but he wouldn’t let me. I pulled out even though I was enjoying it madly, I told him if we are going to enjoy this then he should let me f**k him as much as he wants to f**k me, he agreed and said he only wanted to be a gentleman and do all the work. I straddled him back and started slow grinding amidst moans and screams, I increased my pace and he joined me in thrusting to match my humping, it wasn’t long my v**ina walls started contrasting and his balls started swelling too but when we were at the edge of cuming he pulled me out and placed me in a 69 position. We started working on each other, we ate each other like our lives depended on it. There were times he would stop eating and groan as much as I stopped eating at intervals to scream, he then did something that threw me off the cliff, and whilst thrusting with his tongue he used one finger to tease my cli**ris while he dipped another in my p*ssy with his tongue still in it. The pleasure that gave me was too much and I started squirting, I squirted like it was raining, I think that got to him cause he climaxed all over my b**bs but when my squirt calmed down he flipped me over that is after licking his c*m off my b**bs, this guy is one hell of a crazy guy. With a fierce thrust he penetrated, I screamed like hell that was when Sandra walked in, I think she felt the aura from the sitting room for she has come in b*tt unclad. Sandra is not into guys so she just positioned her well shaved p*ssy for me to eat out and I did a good job on it while Ola was still thrusting from behind I directed all the pleasure and frustration on Sandra’s p*ssy. It wasn’t long my p*ssy walls started contracting and I climaxed barely 5 seconds after that, I didn’t want Ola to punish me again, minutes after my climax Sandra climaxed and her moans hit Ola in the right place as he too climaxed and spilled his c*m on Sandra’s t*ts and tummy which I took the pleasure of cleaning up. I must confess Ola is good but I ain’t gon run after him like one little rat, I saw something I need and I took it and that was it, Game Over.

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