My Sexcapade During NYSC - 4 years ago

One of the advantages of going to gym mostly on Saturdays isn’t just for six packs and a healthy heart, nah, that stadium is home to scores of big finest babes. There can’t be a place in the world where different specs of orobo can be found like the gym center, doing stretches and yoga in the tightest clothings imaginable, b**bs heaving, titillating with a*s stretching the bare leggings fabrics, showing panty lines and ample bosoms bras couldn’t contain. Camel toes views are served too. Ahh nothing beats the outline of a fat p*ssy in a leggings, you know it will be juicy and can be motor boated and munched but last weekend gyming was very special, giving my wanking life a meaning. The stadium consist of many aerobics clubs. Mine has its own fair share of orobos but mostly married ladies whom I vowed not to mess around with but the events that happened later put me in a state of dilemma on my convictions about them. After jogging up and down the track and field section, I decided to pee behind the stands of the stadium and wow! I was paralyzed at the sight of this voluptuous BBW fully bent, pulling up her panties and leggings after relieving herself. It isn’t the first time I’m seeing a bare a*s or fairly hairy p*ssy but the surprise was in the way her thong was sandwiched by her huge p*ssy lips, the contrast of her red panties on her creamy skin, her positioning and the outdoor setting combination watered my mouth and it isn’t like she jumped up when she noticed me, she pulled her undies and all up in slow motion, she was proud of her body. With a weary smile and a downward look,she said to me “that was just skin and hey take care of that” and just walked pass me,that was when I realized that I had a bulge. I just peed and went back to my group after assimilating that rare event, thank heaven for the tight inner of my track suit which helped in keeping my stubborn hard on in check with every stretching and work out. After the work out, I saw her entering a blue Toyota car with a couple of ladies, she was endowed and she gave me that wink..the wink that torments me, the wink that has initiated the most blissful of orgasms for me..I was hoping for a proper introduction and most probably living my dreams…f**king her brains out. I couldn’t wait for next weekend to see her in gym again. My cock strained from daily self service since my girlfriend off to the mandatory Youth Service Programme. I had to cure konji with the few minutes of that exhibition trailer saved in my brain. But she wasn’t there and that was the case for the following weekend too. Then when I thought I was getting over her, the devil struck and our paths crossed again! She was buying something at the supermarket not far from my street. As I entered to inquire about my perfume which was out of stock in the market, there she was in a sleeveless maxi polo gown browsing through some cosmetic products, her movement royalty, peacock too, swerving her endowed backside! I moved quickly closer to her pretending to be on the phone and distracted. I intentional stepped on her toes so she would notice me. It worked because it was all sorry..what…you, hey and introductions,she was a chatterbox and she told me her name was Didi. After chatting about her home, work and work out, I promised her a foot massage for her injury and we exchanged numbers and I left blessing goodness for her kindness. I was so excited that night about her, her chubby creamy skin, her voice, awwh and her huge round saggy b**bs, that i lubed my hands to pleasure myself when my phone beeped, a whatsapp message. I thought it was my girl but nah it was Didi! she said hello big head, I jumped up and got myself a glass of water to calm my tense nerves and then I replied. We chatted till midnight avoiding blalant naughty words and the incident at the stadium, she told me she is a single mom and a marketer. I told her I deal in lady’s wear and she promised to patronize me whenever she could. when she told me good night, I wished her the same and told her I wished that one of us was on the right bed but she didn’t reply and I slept off with a huge s*xual tension. After some days of hibernation and hello hi on whatsapp, I saw her message asking if I ll be going to gym the next day being a Thursday. I said yes, canceling my schedule, there was no way i would say no to that invitation! The gym was scanty with some people leaving early to prepare for work, I persuaded her to train with my club and she agreed and our trainee was always happy to see a new and potential client so he pushed us to the limit. I enjoyed every er*tic sight possible from her, she caught me severally and was all smiles. she simply wanted to be adored and at the end our trainee welcomed her with a mechanical massage but she was still sore with tensed thigh meaning she could barely walk. I talked her into getting a total body massage which she agreed to. It was very quiet when we got to her house which is a bungalow with self-contain rooms. On getting inside she fell straight on the bed halfway and I helped place her fully on the bed and started kneading her feet with moderate pressure then increased the tempo and moved upwards to her calf muscles. Using both hands on both legs, I administered further pressure to her thighs and inner thigh then on her gluetus muscles and hip section, she kept sighing as I exerted more pressure structurally and otherwise on her pelvic region and lower back.

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