My Sexcapade During NYSC II - 4 years ago

Gradually, I started pulling down her leggings as I massaged her down to her calf. she looked relaxed, burying her face in the mattress prompting me to reach out and pull off the leggings. And right in front of me was the real Didi, the chubby beauty faced down with only a skimpy black panties covering her massive a*s. I look around and saw a jar of baby oil and lubed my hands before enjoying her skin. It was so soft and clear and with increased tempo I covered her legs with my arms before concentrating on her inner thighs. with my fingers in a circular motion, I applied kneading and shaking of every contour of her inner thighs, her panties had turned ropey cringed inside her a*s crack,her p*ssy glistening with arousal and swallowing her own part of the panties. My devotion was all with the pelvic region as I concentrated on just her inner thigh and swollen vulva avoiding her p*ssy entirely despite her increased soft moan and squealing whenever I rubbed her vulva. After working on her inner thigh, vulva, a*s, upper and lower back for a while, I asked her to turn around and face up. She quickly did and for the first in the therapy, she spoke, saying that my hands felt good in a very squeaky voice. She was still in her T shirt and I deftly unclapsed her bra while doing her upper back, I let it fall off leaving her with just the t shirt. Lubing my hands again, I put them under her shirt and massaged her stomach and chest bone systematically pushing and exposing her big melons, putting more work on her shoulder blade as I completely removed the shirt leaving just her undies. Rubbing her t*ts a little, I got myself aroused as i felt that mound of soft malleable skin right underneath my hands, at my mercy, i could do all i wanted to it as the flesh pulsed under me but i forced myself to abstain because that distraction would consume me so thoroughly thyat i might spoil a good thing for myself, patience, i mentally told my straining cock and hungry mouth. I then went straight to work on her face, her jaw line mostly, then her cervicals down to her shoulder and to her left tit, after a few subtle squeeze I made circular motions on her huge chocolate areolas before putting her rock hard bosoms in between my fingers and then a couple of pinching that made her call out my name. I went right with the same procedure to the right tit but this time I was pinching both by now very prominent bosoms in tandem. Her breathing had increased and became erratic so I left her to complete my work. Rubbing around her tummy and chest region unstructurally helped her settle down. All this while her eyes were shut tight. I maneuvered my hands to her pubic mound and the crotch of her panties was soaking wet! I raised her legs and slipped the panty out, I sniffed it and became intoxicated with the aroma of her feminine essence. The moment my hand landed on her pubic mound, she spread her legs exposing her engorged p*ssy lips coated with dripping p*ssy juicy. My tongue got dried of all saliva at the sight of that dripping fat p*ssy and all I could muster was to feast on her! I bent my head to that lovely feast spread so invitingly before me with my tongue darting out and slurping, licking and draining all her available juice. When her hand landed on my head,I knew it was a guide so I introduced two fingers into her pot of pleasure, curving it towards her g-spot then slow thrusting and with the whole suction power of my tongue on her clit, she f**ked my face madly, smearing me up with her wetness before holding my face firmly with both hands and with a squealy scream, she was cumming intensely, I tried to free my face so as to see her orgasmic face but no way, she held me fixed to her pulsating p*ssy! After some minutes of her wild thrashing and my lips still lashed to her p*ssy greedily sucking all the juice cumming out of her, she freed my face and collapsed off the mattress to the floor still moaning but with legs closed tight. I tried to touch her but she resisted. Her p*ssy was so sensitive but my cock was so strained, threatening to dive in, in so much need for a release but she wouldn’t let come closer but I needed her, I needed that fat p*ssy so I went into romantics. I opened her fridge and got her a glass of chilled water and that’s how I came back into the game. She sipped some water with her hands still shaking, so I curled behind her and then began rubbing her back, her spinal column mostly. Then i started kissing her neck so softly and whispering gsweet nothings to her, kissing her ear. She just tapped me hard on the chest and the next thing i saw was my chubby mama spreadeagled on her back on the mattress. what other invitation would i be waiting for as I joined her hurriedly and positioned myself between her spread legs. I positioned my hard cock at the tip of her p*ssy and wow! she guided my 7inch cock home with a mere first thrust! I quickly thrust back she was already cumming, clasping me deeper with her legs, her over juicy tight p*ssy and pelvis trying to squeeze life out my cock and i knew i would c*m if we continued like that so I waited for her climax to subside and tried my slow deep stroke game but another throes of orgasms from her shut me out so I became impatient and aggressive, spreading her out then in scissor position I squatted holding up one of her legs and with deep long thrusts I started fast grinding, she was crying out and bawling but I didn’t care about her or whether her neighbours would hear! i just wanted some tail and i was getting it! I wasnt about to let any fear of the neighbours spoil from my fun and enjoyment of this fat p*ssy! Her manicured fingers were all over my back as she pleaded for me to stop but the pleasure was too much, i pounded harder and faster and soon her plea of me to stop changed to pleas of me not to stop! Women!!!! I would thrust the whole of my man-hood deep inside her gripping p*ssy and then pull it out to the tip and then slam it back in all over again till she was screaming that she was cumming and ohhhh sweet relief, so was I. The picture became complete when with a huge groan my brain collapsed and flushed down to my lower abdomen! It was like my cock was going to bust as I f**ked my lady furiously, my eyes closed and sensations ripped through me. I blasted c*m into her with my first spurt of pleasure hitting her honey pot she joined me, howling in bliss as her p*ssy clamped me like a vice, milking my cock of spurt after spurt of man juice! I had never c*m that hard nor intensely before and I collapsed on her, whispering to her that I knew she would be this good. After some minutes, she got up and kissed me thank you and prepared some meal for us unclad. Thereafter, she saw me out and we met her neighbor’s wife sitting close to her door with skirt fully raised and fingering her visibly bald p*ssy! she was caught unawares and quickly dropped her skirt but i had seen what she was doing. Lucky her, she must have been listening to our sound track

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