Erotic Story: How I Bonked My Teacher After Class – Student Shares S*x Experience With Bu … - 4 years ago

A sizzling and romantic tale of s*xual experience by a male secondary school student well narrated to entertain and satisfy. (This article is rated 18+). Miss Dotun was one of the s*xiest women I had ever seen, and she was my mathematics teacher. I really have fantasized about her countless times. One Monday, during an exceptionally boring Maths class, I passed the time by checking out her body. I began by looking at her wonderful breasts; they were large and looked perfect through her tight top. Miss Dotun was 27 years old, about 5”5 and was wearing a dark weave that came down just to her shoulders. She had a pretty face and although she was quite chubby, she had a beautiful ass and fleshy thighs. So, as I stared at her body, we made eye contact as she talked. She had realised that I had been staring at her body, especially her round breasts. However, I continued until the end of the class and as I walked out the room, she passed me a note that she must have written just a few minutes ago. I opened the note after leaving the class to see a surprising message. “I saw you checking me out earlier. Did you like what you see? “Come over to my room later, let’s talk.” In the note, she put an address of a nearby hotel and her room number. Hours later, after knocking on her hotel room door, I heard her sweet voice say, “come on in.” I entered nervously, hoping I had not misunderstood the note. I walked in to see her sitting on the bed. She was wearing a pair of white trousers and a yellow top. She motioned for me to come join her in bed. I slowly made my way there. Her hand was on my thigh and she continued to stroke me until my erection became noticeable. She rubbed my dick through my trousers which turned me on even more. “I want you to do something for me,” she said. “I want to see you masturbate over me, I wanna see your cock. Take it out for me.” And so I did. I undid the zipper on my trousers and released my hard cock. As I wrapped my right hand around the shaft, I looked at her and she smiled “Oh, you cock is lovely, do you like to masturbate? I want to see you masturbate over me,” she repeated. I did as she said. I got up, removed my jeans, sat back down and began stroking my hard dick. I saw her take off her top. She stood up and knelt down in front of me and I was over-delighted when she cupped her breasts and placed each on one my thighs. She grabbed my right hand and moved it away from my cock and she placed her boobs around my cock. Then she slowly began rubbing my cock in between her tits. Soon, I got so hard I could not handle it anymore. She sat up, took down her trousers, laid on the bed and asked me to come f*ck her. I knelt on the side of the bed and stared down towards her crotch, with her legs either side of me. I neared my head towards her pussy and licked her thong. I could taste her juices through her thong and they tasted so good that I eagerly slid her thong off and saw her pussy. It was tight, with full lips and a bit of hair above it. She lowered her finger into her p*ssy, she moaned, “Oh yeah, f*ck me good, I want your cum.” I lowered my cock towards her open pussy as I stood up. Her p*ssy was now getting wetter. We were both eager to f*ck so I lifted her legs around me and as she squeezed her legs around my waist, my hard cock entered her juicy p*ssy and I began sliding it in and out. Her juices enhanced my enjoyment as I neared orgasm. She was thrashing around on the bed vigorously too and I felt her p*ssy tighten around the base of my cock. As the base of my p*ssy rubbed against her clit, I reached orgasm. My warm cum spurted out into her love tunnel and as she came, she screamed in pleasure and we were both satisfied. It was a good day.

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