Checkout The 5 Things You Should NEVER Do Immediately After Eating - 4 years ago

Most people don’t even know that they should not drink water immediately after meals, strange right? But apart from not drinking water immediately after meal, there are many other things you should avoid doing immediately after your meals for a safer health. Below are some things almost everyone is guilty of doing after eating. 1. Smoke: “Smoking right after eating can equal to smoking ten cigarettes at one go, scientists warn that smoking cigarette immediately after a meal increases the risk of lung and bowel cancer and smoking after meals also slows down your metabolism”. 2. Drink tea: “Drinking tea right after dinner can interfere with the iron absorption in your body, it is also found that consuming tea during meals decreases the availability of catechins to the body — compounds that are present in tea and play a vital role in various physiological profiles”. 3. Eat fruits: “Eating fruit after a meal can cause, indigestion, heartburn and burping, also, getting into the habit of eating something after a meal will put you at a higher risk of weight gain and a fruit has an average of three times the calorie count of most vegetables”. 4. Sleep: “If you sleep right after your meal, you can be more likely to experience discomfort and bloating, according to research, lying down disturbs the digestion process and causes acid reflux”. 5. Take a shower: “You need the blood flow to be stimulated towards the stomach for proper digestion of food, taking a shower right after meals diverts the blood flow towards your legs and hands and this affects digestion”

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