Drama Breaks Out as Elderly Man is Found Having S*x With His Own Son's Wife - 4 years ago

A Zimbabwean man from Harare allegedly ended his marriage after finding out that his wife was having an affair with his father. According to The Weekend Post, this was revealed at Harare Civil Court where Alice Dhani was seeking a protection order against her brothers-in-law Robson and Claudius Topodzi. Dhani claimed that Robson and Claudius had destroyed her property worth $260 during a fracas that occurred at her matrimonial home. “Your worship, they must compensate me for the damages that they caused and I want $260. My in-laws are not grateful I have been taking care of them but this is what I get in return,” Dhani said. “When that incident occurred I went to the police and they advised me to go to Legal Aid offices for advice since it was based on a domestic dispute. I was later referred here (Harare Civil Court). I have not known peace ever since I started living with my in-laws as they always interfere in our affairs.” However, Robson refuted the claims and said Dhani only wanted to avoid being questioned about the extra-marital affair she was having with their father. “Our brother, her husband is seated in the gallery and he can testify that the reason for the misunderstandings has been Dhani’s affair with our father. She wants us to leave the house so that she can have freedom to spend more time with our father,” Robson said. “The incident that she is referring to occurred after her husband had instructed us to help him move her property out of their matrimonial home because of the extra marital affair and s*x with our own father.” Claudius also substantiated the claims and said he only offered a scotch cart that was used to carry Dhani’s property away from the house. “…even if you ask Dhani she will confirm that I did not damage any of her property. I only provided transport and it actually huts me that we have been dragged to court by our brother’s wife who is having an affair with our father,” Claudius said. “She is disrespectful and this court should not be used to settle her misconduct.” Harare magistrate Sharon Chipanga dismissed the application for lack of evidence.

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