Strange World: Man Who’s Doing Well At Work With 2 Official Car, Suddenly Asked To Resign - 4 years ago

I Recently got a top management role in a Nigerian fmcg company. The GMD always show this affection towards me barely few months into the new job and some employees keep asking how i won over an unusually difficult man. I was given a 2010 SUV upon resumption, one week later, he replaced the car with a 2015 SUV. Amazing ain’t it? Now hear this… Between 3am/4am, I slide into this unusual trance, as if someone is slowly whispering to me sleep, sleep, sleep son, I am always conscious of my background while this happens, then My boss appears, opens up a room filled with gold and riches, he says to me, all this will be yours, if only you heed to my request. What is his request, he wants my 11 month old son in exchange. I shrugged this off initially as a one off, bad day or something, but guess what it has repeated in different scenarios more than 9times in my 3 months on the job. Last week, I returned from Lagos, very happy, having brokered the biggest deal in the history of the brand, but this happened. He brought me into a session, called my name and said, for personal reasons, I will relieve you. I was shell shocked, why I asked? Once again he said, it’s unfortunate, but i want us to remain friends. He handed over a cheque to me, with my full year consolidated salary and entitlements. I thanked him and left. I Handed in my resignation letter, he accepted it, wished me well and even gave me an excellent recommendation letter, My last salary has since been paid in full. The cheque was personal between us. I have accepted my situation with two hands and moved on. I refuse to let my head drop. Till now, I still stare at the cheque every morning, I feel I should just forget about the money and move on. What do you guys think?

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