STUDENTS: See The 4 Reasons Why Students Fail (Must See) - 4 years ago

There are always those students who would bemoan their performances in examinations. They always do poorly, or fail. But what are some of the reasons why? Here they are: 1. They Read Only For Exam Sake: You are supposed to read to gain knowledge and understanding of the subject in question and not just to pass exams. Most students just read for the immediate exams and when it’s done shut their books and move ahead. That would lead to fail. 2. No Study Plan: You need a good study plan if you are to cover all that you need to cover for your examinations. Pen it down and don’t just keep it in your head. Ensure you set daily plans and make certain that you meet them. 3. They Don’t Understand The Study Technique Which Works For Them: Some students perform better while studying in a group. Others do well studying alone. Some prefer to read in the early hours of the morning and others prefer to read late at night. Whichever it is, you should always study yourself and employ the study technique which works best for you. 4. Lack of confidence: I know some students who have this innate belief that they are dull. That is wrong. You should always go into an examination with the best attitude for success. Do this and you won’t fail.

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