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GC Posted On: Jun 10, 2017

A woman who is already married, has spoken out about the shocking thing she is doing with a young man who is about half her age.

A woman has told a surprising story about the unbelievably shocking s*xual relations she is having with another man.

In a post she sent to The Sun UK, the woman explained that her husband is no more s*xually active and this is what drove her to meeting another man.

Below is what she wrote:

“I am having the best s*x of my life with a toyboy lover half my age, even though I am married. My husband seems to have lost all interest in me as a woman.

“I am 48 and my husband is 54. We have been married for 25 years and have two grown-up daughters together.

“I met my lover at our local gym. He is 24 and often helps out on reception. There was an instant attraction between us.

“We talked and flirted, which made me feel happy and young. He is very fit and reminded me of my husband many years ago.

“My husband is so unfit these days. He has really let himself go. He drinks too much, never wants to do anything sociable and won’t take me out anywhere.

“It’s as if he has given up and resigned himself to middle-age. Our s*x life is pretty much non-existent too.

“When we do have s*x, it is dull and predictable. This young guy and I swapped numbers and I texted him straight away, saying: “Call me soon.”

“I didn’t think he would actually call but he did a couple of days later. He came to my house when my husband was at work. I offered him a beer but we both knew what he was really there for.

“The s*x was amazing and I knew it was love straight away. He was so physical and sent a tingle to every part of my body.

“We meet each week and he has made my life so exciting again.

“I know what I am doing is wrong but he said he loved me and that was enough. I feel so bad after I have been with him but at the time I can’t stop myself.

“I know it won’t last. After all, this lad is young enough to be my son. But I can’t bear to be without him in my life.

“My husband doesn’t suspect a thing but I just don’t know where to go from here.”

After her story was received, a relationship expert wrote her an advice.

Below is the advice she was given:

“It’s not the sort of love that is going to last and I’m afraid it could tear your life apart.

“You are both enjoying the s*x but one day your husband will turn up at home unexpectedly or something will happen to blow the whistle on you.

“It’s not just your husband who will be hurt.

“How will your daughters react? They could lose all respect for their mum.

“Wake up and stop acting like a teenager. My e-leaflet With A Younger Man will help you think this through.

“Settled married life can feel boring, so tell your husband you are unhappy and work out some compromises to revive the romance.

“Remind him what attracted you to him in the first place and suggest taking up some exercise together, even if it is just regular walking.

“That will be good for his health and will improve your s*x life too.”

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