Anthony Joshua Reveals What Made Him Defeat Wladimir Klitschko (Video) - 4 years ago

World heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, has revealed what made him rise up again and defeat Wladimir Klitschko after been floored by him. Joshua yesterday told the BBC’s Graham Norton Show that he had to forget everything he had been taught and dig into the depths of his character to climb off the canvas and kno Vladimir Klitschko. The 27-year-old admits he faced ‘a fight or flight’ situation when lying on the canvas, having received a mammoth right hand punch. He further said that it was only after asking himself whether he was willing to take more punishment that he decided to get to his feet. He said: “(Hitting the canvas) is the one thing I didn’t train for. “Out of all the stuff I have trained for, this is the one thing you don’t prepare for. “So, you go into that fight or flight mode where I can either stay on my back and say to myself “I’ve given it my all and I’m happy with going this far” or you get up and fight the extra rounds and you think. “I want to go that little bit further. “It’s just that fight or flight mode because, as I said, it’s not something you prepare for. So when you find yourself in that situation, I think then it becomes about character. “So, takeaway everything you been taught. You have to un-teach yourself and go into “who are you and what do you represent?. “That’s a fight. “I’m a fighting man so I got up and carried on scrapping with him.” It could be recalled that Joshua had earlier been floored in the sixth round by the 41-year-old on the way to recording an 11th-round Knockout that cemented his place at the top of heavyweight boxing. See the video below:- [youtube]ZTOufn2GIoQ[/youtube]

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