Its Confirmed!! Nigeria Now Has Official Twitter Account - 4 years ago

An official Twitter page has been opened for the [b]Federal Republic of Nigeria.[/b] The country has now joined countries like Canada, Israel, Ireland and Great Britain who have official verified Twitter accounts. The handled @Nigeria emerged on the social media platform on June 9 and the first tweet reads: “Welcome to the Twitter handle for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Africa’s largest economy, and most populous country.” Since that first tweet and a few other introductory ones, it’s been an exchange of bants and salutations between Nigeria and other countries. @Israel tweeted: [quote]“Welcome to the club, dear @Nigeria – Happy tweeting!” to which @Nigeria replied: “Thank you @sweden! We’ll be keenly #ff your example. PS. Congrats on yesterday’s #WorldCup qualifier win! (We weren’t so fortunate today.”[/quote]

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