We are not part of Biafra – Igala group - 4 years ago

The Igala Socio-Cultural Group has denounced Biafra, the group describes the inclusion of Igala land as part of Biafra as an insult to the people of Ighala and anyone who is sensible. Igala land is in the eastern part of Kogi State, sharing a border with Anambra State. The group, at a press briefing in Lokoja on Wednesday, said that including Igala land as being part of Biafra was not only insulting but also provocative to the Igala race. Barry Idakwo, who addressed the conference by the Igala, said that the declaration of Igala land as a clan by the Biafran agitators was a product of ignorance of history and mischief. “It is, therefore, unthinkable to annex the Igala kingdom without consulting us. Probably, this may be due to the erroneous belief that Igala kingdom is a clan and thus it is not important to consult the people of the great Igala before being annexed as part of the agitation. “It is against the spirit of fairness, sovereignty, equity, peaceful cohabitation and democracy to forcefully and falsely claim that a great kingdom as the Igala kingdom, which was never defeated in any war is part of Biafra,” Idakwo explained.

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