"Choose Your Friends Carefully"- Lady Celebrates As She And Her Friend Graduate In Style {Photos} - 4 years ago

An excited lady has taken to her social media page to celebrate herself and her close friend after graduating with good results from a University in the United States. Read what she shared below My freshmen year parents told me to choose my friends carefully. They said that if I'm lucky, I'll be blessed to have at least one friend in college that'll never cross me or leave my side. Thankfully God gave me a friendship that is real and I know it will last a lifetime. We finally made it, and I'm so glad I have my best friend by my side to share this moment with.... We're accomplishing what we talked about years ago. Your degree in Psychology, and my degree in Communication/Public Relations is going to take us far. Friends that grind together shine together, and friends that study together GRADUATE together...

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