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GC Posted On: May 07, 2017

A porn star was left needing 20 stitches on a bloody gash after a lemon shark bit her while she was filming a promo for an adult entertainment company.

Molly Cavalli, who was sporting a one piece swimsuit that left little to the imagination, was in good spirits as she was lowered into the waters in a protective cage, even doing a dance for the cameras.

However the excitement of swimming with the beasts off the Florida coast was soon replaced by screams of pain as a ten feet shark nipped the adult actress' ankle.

Just seconds after being placed in the waters Molly can be heard letting out a yelp and then grabbing hold of her leg as the lemon shark struck.

She can then be seen rising above the waters grasping for breath and scrambling to get back on board as her own blood stains the sea around her.

As Molly is helped back onto the boat by cameramen a trickle of blood can be seen dripping across the crying model's thigh.

In a statement the porn star said she received 20 stitches to the wound and claimed the injury wasn't 'that bad.'

'I want to thank my fans for their outpouring of support as I heal my foot following the shark bite. Luckily it only required 20 stitches. I'm fine. It's not that bad. I had a great experience anyway and now I have a story to tell forever.'

Darren Press, Vice President of CamSoda, the adult entertainment company who Molly was representing, explained that her foot was dangling out of the protective cage allowing the shark to nab at her.

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