Bundesliga Sensation RB Leipzig Allowed To Play In The Champions League (See Details) - 4 years ago

RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg can both play in the Champions League next season, Uefa has confirmed. Both clubs are associated with the energy-drink maker Red Bull and Uefa prohibits clubs with strong links from playing in Europe in the same season. But Uefa ruled “no individual or legal entity had a decisive influence over more than one club”. Bundesliga runners-up RB Leipzig and Austrian champions Salzburg both qualified for the 2017-18 competition. Leipzig were founded in 2009 with backing from the company and won four promotions in seven seasons, before finishing second in their first ever top-flight season. Red Bull bought Austria Salzburg in 2005, renaming it, but following a restructuring it has argued that it no longer has a controlling stake and merely sponsors the club.

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