[A Must Read] 5 Types Of Enemies We All Have - 4 years ago

Haters, one of the most abused words today, especially on social media. But that doesn’t mean haters do not exist, we all have someone we do not like or people who do not like us We’ve summarized these people who do not like us or we do not like in categories, here’re the various types. 1. The Virtual Enemy Since social media has become a thing, we have haters on there too who, no matter what you post will have something negative to say about it. These people will point out the mistakes and try to battle you out on your ideologies simply because they do not like you. It’s usually people you haven’t even met in real life. 2. Bad Customer Service Enemy Let’s face it, we all have that one company that ruined our service so badly we hate them with a passion even though we do not ditch them, we continue to complain about their bad services. Usually the Telcos. 3. Enemies By Association There is always that one person you hate not because they are actually your enemies but because they are enemies to your best friend or relative. You hate them because your friend or relative do not like them. 4. Family Enemies We all have that one aunt, cousin, uncle or distant relative we hate with a passion because of their behavior or something your parents probably told you about them. 5. Frenemies There is always that enemy who was once your best friend but because they betrayed your loyalty, you become sworn enemies.

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