Ladies: See The 5 Secrets Your Man Keeps From You - 4 years ago

Who says only women can keep secrets? even though most men are bad at keeping secrets they still do especially from their loved ones. There are times when men decide to keep some things hidden in their relationship in order to protect their partner’s feeling and avoid unnecessary dramas and ruining their partner’s mood. Here are some few secrets men keep from their women that we feel all women should know about. 1. They sometimes check out other women: Men check out other women often even when they are with you, it is a basic instinct they have but it doesn’t matter as checking out other women is always short unless they take it to another level of getting contacts but asides from that it nothing to worry about because at the end of day he is coming back to you. 2. They are nervous the first time in bed with you: They might seem all calm and composed but forget it, ladies, they are fidgeting inside with different thoughts running through their mind of they will screw up and spoil the moment. First time with a girl can be very unnerving for them too, so chill it’s not only you that is thinking of ruining the moment guys are too. so 3. Sometimes, they are not in the mood for s3x like women too: Men have their off days too like every lady, so the popular belief that men are always horny are not too. “There are times when they aren’t feeling too well, or perhaps had a stressful day at work, or are just deadbeat tired but if a lady does happen to give them that sexy nudge while looking ravishing as ever, they will probably romance her anyway and at the end of the day their performance will be off” 4. Compliments also work with them: “A gentleman will often let his woman know that she looks lovely, if she just treated him to an amazing lovemaking session, he’ll make sure she knows it and even though they don’t show it, they love the occasional compliment it is more than enough to keep them grinning for days on end”. 5. They stalk you on social media: Yes. it is not only you that stalk your man on all social media platforms they do too, they stalk to see what you are doing, who you are hitting on or who is hitting on you so ladies you are not alone, the only difference is they keep it solo and well hidden you won’t even know they stalk you unlike when a lady is stalking her man on social media.

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