Osun Iyalojas Protest Against Aregbesola Over Osuwon Omoluabi (Photos) - 4 years ago

Osuwon Omoluabi, a modern gauge for measuring of stuffs in marketplaces in Osun State which was introduced by the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola was rejected today as representatives of all the market women in the state stormed the state Secretariat in a protest. The market women especially those dealing with grains and measurable products closed their shops and stormed the popular Olaiya Junction around 11:45 am before they headed to the State House of Assembly to register their grievances. The angry traders frowned at what they described as imposition of Osunwon Omoluabi measurement scales, vowing to resist any attempt by the state government to compel them into using the scales. It would be recalled that the state Ministry of Commerce, Cooperative and Empowerment’s task force and compliance officials had on Tuesday, thronged the market to enforce the usage of the measurement scale by the market women especially those dealing with grains and measurable products. Amiloaded gathered that the women were chanting various anti-government songs to express some marketing policies of the Aregbesola led administration especially as per the usage of the modern scale. They therefore rejected the new scale and told the state government to instead, produce en-masse, the old scale and ensure full compliance with its usage through strong monitoring team which will prosecute non-compliance by any trader who tampers with such scale, weights and measures.

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